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A. Let's FACE-not-Ignore DNA-Mom Facts!

B. Our Awful Mess on Earth Now!

C. Let's Trash Our Tragic Mess via DNA-Mom Facts!

D. Re-Create Amiable Humans via DNA-Mom Facts!

E. Plato's Atlantis in Americas

F. The Amiable Religion on our Earth

G. Radical Climatic Changes on Earth; (vs. the 26,000-year Cyclical Sways of the Moon)

H. Voting Now for NATURE's Amiable but Neat Earth Humans!



Period: July-December 2009

1. Our Options on Our Earthy DNA Facts

2. Our Genesis on DNA Facts

3. Establish Amiable Humans on DNA-Mom Facts!

4. --- NATURE's DNA Religion! -Amen! ---





Chapter 1. Summary Study to 2005 from 1930's - DNA-DEISM: NATURE’s Secular Theocracy Worship It toward An Earthy Utopia!

Chapter 2. Summary Study to 2006 – BEYOND BELIEF: Our Scrambled Religions! vs. Wondrous DNA

Chapter 3. Summary Study to 2007 - ATHEISM: Absurdly In Human Awaken to DNA’s Religion

Chapter 4. Summary Study to 2008 - Lo & Behold: Our FATE On Earth! Now’s Time for ASTUTE Sagacity

Chapter 5. Our Earth Mess Stomps on Wondrous DNA

Chapter 6. Humans! Awaken to NATURE’s Stringent Truisms!

Chapter 7. Mom NATURE's Sea of BigBangs! But Ignore Mom's Tiny Earthy DNA Facts

Chapter 8. . CLIMATIC Imperfections on Earth during the 26,000-year Sojourn with each other!







Our Fate HANGS on DNA-Mom?

Our Awful Mess Ignores DNA-Mom Edict!?

The Factual Truths on Our DNA-Mom!

--- EarthyUtopia ---

Wondrous DNA Is Our CREATOR Mom! Thus; We must Unify-to-Survive via Our Earthy DNA-Mom evolutionary facts!

DNA-Mom: -Our Wondrous Wonder of Wonders! As it is the key to organic life, however, the activities of humans are endangering our Earthy environment by introducing matter that can splinter our basic DNA format into incongruous and dehumanizing forms.

We understand that our DNA needs a fairly stable environment to avoid creating odd humans and generic organisms that are not beneficial. We must not allow undue changes in our basic DNA pool. However, we might improve it with future pragmatic human-DNA-Mom-research!

Nature's DNA is the only Key to the CREATION of any organism in Nature's Cosmos. Our failure to adhere to this monumental fact is especially crucial for us to survive in the near future. The root-cause of our Earthy mess is our senseless neglect of Nature's DNA-Mom edict. We cannot evade the mess by migrating elsewhere in the Cosmos as it is impractical. Thus; Mother Earth is our main abode as a very tiny speck somewhere within the enormously vast Cosmos!

Unfortunately, DNA life is not simply all sugar and plums. The DNA organic imprint is singularly pre-ordained and, thus, not amenable to any prayerful pleas to redirect the natural flow of events. Much more specifically, the Earthy process of DNA evolution is strewn with innumerable extinctions and random re-creations. These modifications are readily obvious to us on our Earth and in the Solar System.

Recent technological activities have caused a rapidly changing Earthy environment. Thus, amending and/or re-creating our precious DNA-Mom pool with undue mischief. Normally, DNA factors may involve higher abnormal temperatures, radioactivity, undue overcrowding, DNA-gunk-toxins, varied topographic features etc.


Period: July-December 2009

1. Our Options on Our Earthy DNA Facts.

2. Our Genesis on DNA Facts.


--- EarthyUtopia ---


Thus, the distribution of species is not uniform but may vary radically within these ecological factors and, also, from social-mental DNA-gene entanglements in the child's brain from strange growing-up experiences and educational upbringings.

The onset of organic life was initiated on our cooling Earth about one billion years ago with elemental species like the semi-organic virus. Much later, the dinosaurs managed to survive for 160 million years while some other species are still surviving today.

Yet, modern Humans arrived on the Earthy scene only recently (a mere 200,000 years ago) and we're already on the verge of an ineptly misguided DNA-mass extinction with innumerable and divergent strange notions on our over-populated Earth!

This awful predicament is due to our abject failure to fathom intelligently the 1953 formulation of DNA as the key CREATOR of organisms. Additionally, we have bypassed the persistent natural observations of Deists and Plato. However, they never ever had a direct inkling of NATURE's wondrous DNA-Mom Creator edict.

Inherently, the wondrous DNA process has provided an evolving emotion; the will-to-survive brain function in ALL organisms as a clear-cut distinction from mechanical, unemotional robots. This magical mystery of organic life still remains an utterly incomprehensible function. Thus, we ignore it or else assign it to a Heaven-Hell senseless confrontation!

Realistically however, early extinction can be avoided as long as our DNA brain is used intelligently to stay closely focused on the stringent DNA-Mom suitable options on our Earth.

Unfortunately for Earthy Humans, we have not as yet mastered the basic DNA format (that was postulated first in 1953} even though our capacity to communicate has grown enormously recently. We remain chaotically ignorant about Nature's Cosmos and, most especially, the crucial facts of life on our fragile Mother Earth. This abject neglect of reality is mostly due to greedy Egoistic tyrants (and dreamy spin sophists) that cause us to blunder every which way--but not (except for earlier Deists) in Nature's singular DNA Religion!

Hence, if we are to survive our Earthy DNA mess any time soon, then we must reorganize now to focus sharply on the established facts of Earthy DNA-Mom life; that is, daydreaming is essential to emotional humans as long as such diversions are closely consistent with factual DNA-Mom reality.

Thus, the educational process should begin early during the formative years for the growing young; that is, daydreaming must be focused on the very strict impositions of DNA reality for a sense-full life on Mother Earth.

In retrospect, the options offered by DNA-Mom are grimly ascetic unless your urge-to-survive is paramount within an amiable DNA-Mom unified Earthy society!

We can start by controlling our huge over-population problem and bring it into more sustainable levels that may be maintained by our usual Earthy DNA factual sources.

--EarthyUtopia at Age 93!




A. Let's FACE-not-Ignore DNA-Mom Facts!

Our Evolving DNA-Mom Genesis

Most likely, our modest Universe came into actual Big Bang existence when, apparently, two huge black holes collided, somewhat off-line, to create a rather unbalanced new Cosmic Format that's finally led to us – nearly 14 billion years later.

It took a considerable amount of time to slow down the expansion that would lead eventually to the creation of particulate matter such as neutrinos, protons, hydrogen and other substances within the expanding spherical shell.

Much later, the Solar system came into existence nearly 5 billion years ago, and DNA-based life arrived on Earth about a billion years ago. But Humanoid life was nowhere in sight, although dinosaurs luxuriated for 130 million years.

Unfortunately for the huge dinosaurs, an extreme period of volcanism and a massive asteroid strike on the Caribbean Sea caused their demise 65 million years ago. Fortunately for us, mouse-sized organisms survived to create newer organisms, mammals and eventually a vague anthropoid 6 million years ago. Many varieties of anthropoids followed but their brain capacity was considerably smaller than ours.

Eventually, Modern Humans were created about 200,000 years ago in South-West Africa. They lived on fruits and vegetation with occasional access to meat in hunting game for their basic diet in that location. As the group expanded and moved northward into Asia they encountered hardship and suffered many changes in these diverse environmental climates but, apparently, without any major changes in their basic DNA formulation.

However, Ice Age degradations and extraordinary volcanisms dropped the Human population to a few thousand people in Southern Asia 60,000 years ago. Thereafter the surviving Humans seem to have made much better progress as they expanded into Asia and Europe as wild game hunters in small communal groups.

Somewhat later and much more revealing of human nature, the superb rock wall paintings, 20,000 years ago, were created by a meandering wild-game hunting group in the Lascaux Cave in south-west France. Their discovery shook up even modern day artists. Apparently, these Ice Age people lived democratically while studying melodramatic NATURE's domains for crucial hints of foreboding environmental and weather changes. Somewhat later, 16,000 years ago, the Asiatic Siamese were greatly concerned with huge open-field drafts of the 3-star hunter's belt in the Orion Constellation. Similarly at that time, the 3 Great Pyramids of Egypt were built to be consistently oriented with each other, space wise, to match the same astrological configuration. However, the 3 pyramids were refinished much later as the Sahara desert region has been alternately wet and dry periodically. Hence, these varied activities indicate very strongly democratic attributes in their communal life. They tried also to be consistent with NATURE's domains for climatic changes in their environmental planting needs etc.

On the other hand, the Neanderthal represents our nearest relatives who failed to meet our level of development before 20,000 years ago. Their artistry was barely elemental at best. Then they failed miserably at wild-game hunting --- even though their DNA was very similar to ours. Essentially, we must maintain a suitable DNA pool and reject others if they stray abnormally.

Unfortunately, this Human behavior plunged greatly 10,000 years ago when we had to accept communal life in cities and towns. Wild game was no longer available as a source of food. Consequently, we had to rely on governments to regulate these over-crowded land communities. Such governments, however, became selfishly tyrannical and thus, we were enslaved into mythical and selfish Heaven-Hell notions! Unfortunately again, we have not as yet recovered from this awful (DNA-less) mode. At the very least, we must not ignore NATURE’s DNA-Mom now and into the future with an amiable DNA pool.





B. Our Awful Mess on Earth Now!

When we Modern Humans were created, by random chance on desert plains of South West Africa 200,000 years ago, we were basically a small group of people who strove to survive socially in our mobile mode of communal wanderings hither and thither for nutritious fruits and vegetables while hunting for occasional wild animals.

Essentially, the mother was the crucial key factor in such a small wandering group. She had to raise, feed and safeguard her brood of children, educating them into adulthood while wandering with her group. On the other hand, the chief role for any one father was to serve as the guardian and hunter for the wandering commune.

Meanwhile, the groups' ideas about fetus creation functions were vague at best. Thus, they had to generate many diverse notions of “Heaven” and “Hell” for some religious guidance. Apparently, they succeeded in maintaining a hopeful pace! Consequently, as we evolved and moved slowly into Asia and later into Europe, we encountered numerous catastrophic events. But we managed to survive them with improved observations of Nature's stringent environmental traits.

Eventually, we created ingenious artistic paintings as found to exist on rock walls in the Lascaux Caves in South-West France at about 20,000 years ago. It should be noted that these rock-wall paintings (and similar artistic types in Egypt and Asia at about 16,000 years ago) have attracted the deep admiration of modern-day artists.

On the other hand, our nearest human cousin, the Neanderthals, disappeared at about 20,000 years ago due to their very poor artistry and their inability to compete effectively in wild-game hunting; that is, their DNA-Mom differs sharply from our favored DNA pool. Hence, we must avoid the degradation of our favored DNA pool by avoiding junk foods, poor medical potions, dangerous environmental DNA concoctions and other severe degradations of our Earthy DNA environment.

Also at 16,000 years ago, the 3 Great Pyramids of Egypt were built, at which time the orientation of their 3 footprints matched exactly the orientation of the 3 stars of the Hunter's belt in the Orion Constellation in the Eastern sky. Some 11,000 years later the Pharaohs refurbished the 3 Pyramids superficially and falsely claimed to be their creators. Today, however, the 3 Pyramid footprints does not match the orientation of the 3 stars in Orion due to the fact that the North Pole wobbles regularly in space.

The axial wobble of the Earth in space is measurable in a 27,000 year cycle. During this cycle dramatic wet and dry periods provided the reasons the original builders had to abandon the pyramids.

Aside from numerous climatic changes, our wandering ancestors exhibited natural democratic community functions in order to survive efficiently. On the other hand, such virtues vanished quite sharply when we had to settle down in agricultural communities because we had to rely, eventually, on tyrannical governments that compete viciously with each other for enriching lands. Moreover, these governments were selfishly dogmatic and thus created, randomly, many strange notions and religious faiths all over our messy world. Naturally, we were enslaved as dummies to their selfishly strange whims and oddball religious mores.

This monumental switch by Humans to shift from inadequate game-hunting to socially attractive agricultural groups represents a huge loss of native talent when the free-ranging group becomes enslaved to a doting tyrannical ruler who is oddly minded with various selfish notions. For example, the ancient Athenian Greeks represent their struggle for democratic control, for quite a while, in the lively environment. Somewhat later, they succumbed to Sparta's strict-military demagogues!

Much more specifically, Plato was initially the student of the natural-swain street orator, Socrates, in Athens. Thereafter, he tried to observe NATURE, opened a school of Philosophy and wrote many books. One of these books dealt with environmental studies and a Utopian State for suitably existing within NATURE. Unfortunately, one of his last students was Aristotle, who deviated to some degree by emphasizing diverse theoretical ventures that might not be probable in NATURE.

The Aristotelian fantasy concepts drew widespread attention that still co-exist today with innumerable religions that ignore NATURE's DNA-Mom Factual Cosmos. As a result, all of us live in an awful mess of excoriating existence!

We should and must redirect our Earthy life soon toward an amiable society with NATURE's DNA-Mom Earthy Facts in our eternally vast Cosmos!




C. Let's Trash Our Tragic Mess via DNA-Mom Facts!

The monumental Scientific and Technological events of the last century have fully demonstrated that NATURE's Cosmos is vastly enormous and complex in function. In contrast, we Humans represent only a very tiny portion on Our Earthy planet, wherein, DNA-Mom represents the Sapiens organic species. In retrospect, we've made abysmal failures because we keep ignoring NATURE's DNA-Mom facts with far too many Scrambling Concepts!

Unfortunately, the Scientific Facts were highly complex and too diverse to be appreciated by our common people who are deeply enslaved into numerous screwball notions. We human beings were (and still are) undereducated and overwrought with hugely scrambled notions about NATURE's Cosmic Realities.

Therefore and hereon, we will try to establish that we are mere happen-stance creations on our Earth and, thus, simply immersed in the enormous Sea of Big Bangs in NATURE's Eternal Cosmos that we must not ignore!

The evolutionary process of creating DNA organisms on Earth began about one billion years ago and then gradually matured to the larger DNA organisms. Thereafter, the DNA-Mom format took on a distinctive formulation that continues conspicuously to this day. The mother constitutes the center of the basic family unit of DNA-Mom organic evolution with her highly inquisitive brood of children. The father(s) contributed the sperm and served as general providers and guardians and performed hunting chores in order to broaden the mother's family DNA stability. Essentially, his role continues to this very day.

Unfortunately, our enslavement under governments of tyrannical despots forced us to follow suit and women were overwhelmed and subjugated in the manner of Roman Catholicism, Mohammedanism, Judaism etc. Thus, many women around the world now are enslaved in mere nunneries and subject to their Lord's peculiarly singular demands with other wives in the harem. This absurdly savage process must be discontinued soon through the use of NATURE's DNA-Mom Real Facts for all of us on our precious overcrowded Earth! Most probably, women ought to regain their innate family primacy in creating an amiable social group of people and, thus, a much longer and more stable future on Earth.

However, NATURE's DNA-Mom provides basic DNA creativity but does not advise us of possible missteps in our customary modes for any vaguely novel activities. In particular, when reviewing the mother's family record, none of her brood has identical DNA print formats. This DNA disparity continues with succeeding families to the point where a new family may arise (accidentally or not) that cannot procreate sexually with each other.

For example, Dinosaurs lived for 120 million years with innumerable unfriendly family species. Apparently, they made no attempt to resolve this annoying dilemma amongst their basic family group!

However, we wish to remain amiable with each other into the future and to avoid hugely misguided over-population and devastating wars amongst our Earthy Humans.

Hence, we need our Biologists to preselect human embryos (near the time of conception) with a preferred functional orientation for that long-term amiable DNA society. Consequently, the husband's DNA embryo may not be included in that mother's specific brood inasmuch as his prime objective is sexual parlance.

Furthermore, the nutritious diet ought to be consistent with the anticipated long-term DNA environment that's likely to be available. Moreover, active members in this group must avoid deleterious substances with their basic nutritious foods.

Inasmuch as our present DNA society is in an awfully messed up state, it is very highly essential to announce, world—wide, that NATURE's DNA-Mom is the only sensible Religion for ALL of Us! --but amended generally with amiably humanizing features within our preferred DNA pool!

Naturally, most of the younger children will wonder while their elders will react with the stubborn negativity that's been inculcated and enshrouded on them through-out their carelessly random lives---during this initial period of DNA-Mom transformation.

At least, the essential process of DNA evolutionary progress should begin with adequate re-education to establish the fact of DNA as the source of our Factual Religious State! Hence, we must accept – shortly now - the monumental Fact that DNA-Mom is truly our Mom if we are to minimize a catastrophic Doomsday shortly in our tragic Earthy Mess!




D. Recreate Amiable Humans via DNA-Mom Facts

Essentially, we exist on a highly over-crowded planet wherein we scramble desperately for natural resources in a world that's reeking with deleterious materials in the water, on the ground and in the sky.

Moreover, enormously catastrophic and exotic world-war struggles continue incessantly with highly incongruous doomsday-like crowds while the sky is being heat-ruptured with long-term CO2 and other deleterious gases.

Additionally, the world is continuously engrossed with innumerable struggles that may include nuclear weapons, poisonous gases and other doomsday phenomena in most parts of this manic society. The over-crowding population groups are highly diverse with onerous doomsday religious faiths. Consequently, the immediate and foreseeable future seems to be extremely bleak with the types of tyrannic governments and faiths that still enslave us randomly to this very day.

On the other hand, when we publish the EarthyUtopia Text, there will be a pause and then a surprising surge of creative suggestions inasmuch as the science writers will try to indicate their most probable scientific methods to recreate a suitably successful form of Humanized DNA-Mom format. Naturally, this process ought to create a huge drove of school teachers to educate and energize our kids to accept the DNA-Mom fields as crucially singular facts if we are to survive much more effectively in our Earthy environment!

The implementation of these DNA-Mom facts should include (in step-pyramid format) the following functions: a broad-based social government, manipulated educational format, a genetic DNA-pool group for re-adjustment when needed in time, a broad-based entertainment organization, external guardianships against unexpected problems, exceptional nutritional diets which are then super- supplemented with medicinal extracts and, finally, the surplus of the labor force may serve as reserve guardians for our social needs and as probable emergency troops in our probable Cosmic encounters.

Alternatively, our Humanized DNA-Mom social-labor communities ought to be organized sensibly and efficiently into democratically effective organizations that are consistent with the needs of our amiably humanized evolving society. Therefore (and rather obviously), only a few of these very diverse components can be discussed at this time; that is, we must first indicate the crucial formulations to accept, shortly now, in order to create a cohesive and effective DNA-Mom society.

We have already indicated that the publication of this Text would attract scientific writers who'll then publish and create a vast array of teachers for the unborn and older school children. Thus initially, our children would be exposed to the DNA-Mom format as the most singular factor in our survival. Thereafter, they ought to be functioning consistently with the general motions of NATURE's huge Cosmos and later with any DNA organisms that are found on Earth's Solar System of planets. Naturally, however, we must Humanize our DNA-Mom Society for improved amiable stability by minimizing the awfully extraneous mess that baffles us wretchedly now.

Basically however, a much more realistic problem (that's overwhelming us now) is the immense over-population of 7 billion people that creates our awful stumbling mess. It ought to be re-Created shortly with an amiable DNA-Mom factual Earthy society in order to evade doomsday catastrophes any time soon!

Initially, we must improve the kids mental intelligence quality (and effectively, at about conceptual time); that is, a normally natural conception involves two random zygotes that might (or might not) produce a very suitable fetus for ideal applicability in our novel DNA-Mom Human Society. However, trained master-Biologists ought to have a much better chance to preselect the preferred male-sperm choice. Such a process would eliminate the customary random process of mental instability in normally-born fetuses.

However, this pre-selected method ought to be improved scientifically when we switch over to DNA-Mom Religion in order to match our desired DNA pool with the projected environmental DNA pool that's likely to dominate us in the foreseeable future!

But alternatively we must indicate the broadly DNA-wise females that ought to be suitable mothers. The dual zygotes for her brood need not, necessarily, involve the sperm of her lover in this selective DNA process inasmuch as the male's basic intent is mostly for sexual satisfaction.

Moreover, the female is likely to prefer birth twins of either girls or boys --as a necessary precaution to minimize growing kid problems with partly-unbalanced or strangely maudlin human beings.

A long time ago, females were the prime choice in NATURE's long-term evolution to bear fetuses that had to be grown at a convenient locale with socially mutual associates of the communal group. Modern DNA-Mom women ought to bear and grow their children at home. Later, they should educate them in various types of specialty schools in order to generate the occupational field that might be of practical interest.

Naturally, the mother will continue to follow these events but then she'll concentrate on her special fields of tempting interest here and there in our DNA-Mom diverse career fields. Essentially, women are naturally amiable social creatures and, thus, they ought to fit exceedingly well in DNA-Mom functions. However, we will have to improve the truly basic character qualities of our children by replacing NATURE's randomly abnormal creations with two pre-selected zygotes at about the time of conception.

Essentially, NATURE has granted us an exceptional brain that may be used to select scientifically a preferred sperm choice that would provide the desired educational tendencies at conception time. The pre-selective sperm method has already been mentioned but there are other natural alternative methods that might function almost as well.

In this respect, effective nutritious foods with fruit and nut medicinal combinations may serve very well within this initial DNA-Mom venture in striving to improve our amiable Humanizing society on a so-so planet somewhere within NATURE's hugely enormous Cosmos! However, extraneous drugs and non-nutritious tasty foods ought to be eliminated drastically from our menus ---in order to procreate successfully within the DNA-Mom amiable Earthy society.

In the meantime, our existing governments ought to create decreasing social security payments for the elderly groups so that many messy problems may be avoided when DNA-Mom is pronounced as the only sensible religion for our Human Earth. Then, the inept elderly will be eliminated slowly as the crucial survival details are amassed scientifically.

Our American government ought to seize upon the DNA-Mom amiable society as the ultimate format to replace our awfully scrambling entity. Consequently, the fundamental units will have to be researched and reorganized to function with the DMA-Mom objectives. As a result, other nations are very likely to follow suit and, hopefully, without any undue doomsday catastrophes.

At presently existing times, the really basic question is the existing mental suitability of young fetuses. Some of these are randomly defective and should not exist. Others might be much more successful with a nutritious diet. But such corrective facts may not be readily available now. Additionally, does our mental stability flex badly much with deeply varying activities at various times? Actions should be taken to correct the problem! Hopefully, these and many other factors will be clarified more sensibly to establish a firmer Human DNA-Mom amiable society.

Much more specific DNA-Mom ventures into the future have already been investigated in the enclosed APPENDIX section that explore various DNA-Mom features that we are very likely to encounter into our future.

Futuristically very recently, for example, it was announced that fundamentally practical research stations will be established on our Moon. One of these functions will provide a much better launch base to explore (and probably settle) Mars humanly also! Of course, other suitable planetoids beyond Mars in the Jupiter and Neptune regions may serve also as practical research stations later.

Thus, in the ultimate situation, when the Sun erupts, it will eliminate our atmosphere and all the liquids in our oceanic world. Somewhat later (with the Sun now serving as a dim star) the Earth will start refilling again with water and other liquids and gases for a new but cooler and less volcanic Earth. Consequently, new organic life will start evolving again in the warmer spots of Earth. In this case, however, a sort of Humans might arrive, also, from the Jupiter-Neptune planetoid region to recolonize our Earth again but in the initial phases of DNA- plant evolving matter. Hurray!?!

Thus, We must not Ignore Our NATURE's DNA-Mom Factual Religion; --Amen! --Amen! --A purer Earth = a Halleluiah!

--EarthyUtopia; Age 94 yrs. in 2011




E. Plato's Atlantis in the Americas

Plato's wandering great grandpa, Solon, informed him that Egyptians and/or Africans (Mediterranean-Saharan belt?) had told him that (9,400 years before Plato) the superb Island State of Atlantis blew up volcanically and sank completely into the sea! Thus, World shipping traders were deprived of this super-dramatic island near (very likely) the mouth of the sprawling Amazon River.

Southwesterly, the River links gradually onto the super-exotic monument at Tiahuanaco at the 13,600 foot elevation of the much loftier Andes Mountains.

Tiahuanaco still provides us today with various half buried artifacts in a most amazing configuration. They still include various pyramids, the strange (and bearded) faces of the Atlantis shipping traders, many diverse foreign factors etc. However, the very intimate association with Lake Titicaca serves very well with other water sources into lower elevation terrains that link them successively along the Amazon River to the estuary near where Atlantis is presumed to have existed. Consequently, the abrupt loss of Atlantis with its World Traders (and subsequent, super-tragic storms} stripped away the Tiahuanacans of their truly real memories of the Atlantis foreign shipping traders; that is, the Tiahuanacans had to fade away gradually from Atlantis as a formerly true Earth World contact island.

On the southern side of the Andes Mountains the slopes sling away from the Amazon R. and, yet, they are saturated with super majestic art-configurations that extend dramatically to Antarctica!

As a single example, on a very desertish plateau there are hugely dug up artistic configurations that could not have been done without visual guidance from high above ground!

Might a humanly controlled hot-air balloon have been devised? Moreover, a similar device might have been used for straight-line tracks which extend beyond the horizon.

On the north side of the Amazon R. and especially with the Inca Empire, their direct contact with World foreign traders seems to have been vague myths and hearsay.

Later the Incas were in complete control of Tiahuanaco and much before the activities of either Columbus, or the daring Norse who trauma-ruined their colony in Greenland, or the frantic natives of the gigantic Pacific Ocean etc.

But considerably much earlier, the breakdown of the Gibraltar gap caused the Mediterranean Sea to rise (and shortly thereafter) caused its Eastern gap to more than double the size of the Black Sea. The Babylonians were unaware of the two sea-gaps and so they blamed the stormy 40 days drench in accordance with Noah's version; that is, the selfish priests boosted their Godly preaching onto the badly meandering flocks who had to scramble for their measure of the rather random grub.

Similarly, the Incas partook of the Tiahuanacan mega-artistry without realizing the pre-existence of Atlantis and its strange contact with World foreign shippers at the outlets of the Amazon River. Also, the Aztec artistry in Mexico is mostly a huge imitation of Tiahuanaco's pyramids but without any close links to an Atlantis (or any World traders) that had originally enhanced Tiahuanaco!

But realistically, the Aztecs built the huge Tenochtitlan Pyramid of the Sun (and a smaller Pyramid of the Moon etc.) on the north side of Mexico City as the prime Government capital of the Aztec Empire.

At about 200 years later, this crown jewel was taken away by the brutish Spaniard Cortez --as a continuing onslaught on our scrambled Earth that continues greedily to this very day today!

Much more recently, Erich von Daniken was extremely impressed by the extraordinary artistry at Tiahuanaco's huge artistic configuration; also, he was enchanted by the megalithic artistry that extends southwardly to Antarctica! Thus, he was forced to presume that Outer Space Aliens must have been responsible for this amazing configuration and other areas. In fact, he never mentioned Atlantis as a sensibly plausible factor near the Amazon R!

Additionally, Capt. Jacques Costeau (and his very active crew-ship) landed onto Titicaca Lake which enjoins very closely onto the Tiahuanaco complex. Unfortunately, he was unable to locate a subterranean link into the huge Tiahuanaco multi-complex!

More recently about 10 years ago, such a subterranean link was located that allows the Tiahuanacans onto the Amazon River --but again there was no mention of any possible nearby Atlantis Island contact.

We ought to acknowledge this perpetual scrambling mess with Tiahuanaco and, then, establish a much more sensible solution if we are to avoid, shortly, an overwhelming disaster on all of our most precious Mother Earth; that is, all of us (and all organic life on Earth) may perish soon because we don't realize that we are created totally by NATURE and not by ANY rambling selfish egotistical tyrants. NATURE is overwhelmingly involved scientifically in Our Eternal Cosmos.

Essentially, the distances to our BigBang Universe are so immense that organic life in our Solar Earth may persist independently therein for much more than the one Billion years of organic evolution on our very own Solar Mother Earth! (And Humans have only begun to evolve just very recently!).

However, basic scientific information was very limited until about the last century when George Gamow indicated that our 14 billion year old BigBang was much too small for a Universe to recur eternally!

This annoying dilemma was mostly solved, in part, by the recent detection of a sea of Big Bangs and (in part) by the scrambled suitability of String Theory which has now been abandoned as an Un-NATURAL Format.

As a result, with these and other sensible factors, it should be possible to create an amiable social life on our very singular Earth for much more than a billion years!





F. The Amiable Religion on OUR Earth!

About 200,000 years ago, some Neanderthal -like mothers gave birth to some odd kids who grew up gradually in the tribe. They co-existed civilly with each other for more than 100,000 years because grub and game were abundant.

Thus, they coexisted nearby as non-genetic and inartistic associates for more than 100,000 years. Gradually, the modern Humans shifted away because of their crisp artistry and mental ability to predict the course of Natural events for more consistent foods and other civilized services.

About 20,000 years ago, the exceptional Human artistry compared well with our modern forms. The vast artistry in the French Ice Caves was diversely realistic. The three huge Egyptian Pyramids amazed all of us and similar forms existed in Asia and, most probably, in both of the Americas!

But our fate began to deteriorate with the loss of game, drier terrains and tyrannical governments. We need to rectify these predicaments much more effectively, inasmuch as we are overwhelmed with over-crowding and innumerable but strangely senseless religions for more than several thousand years.

More realistically, DNA-Mom has been NATURE's representative on Our Earth for more than a billion years. It generated a lot of random organic life. Fortunately, the semi-random Humans were created with exceptionally diverse brains and they ought to awaken sharply now to NATURE for our basic True Religion!

Do we Humans want to survive greedily on our precious Earth or do we want to live more amiably for a much longer period of time on our preciously active Solar Earth (which co-exists very minutely within our 14 billion year-old BigBang Universe)?

If our Earth's organic evolution were to be investigated scientifically, then the female mother would predominate as an amiable civil system organizer! In this respect, modern mothers ought to guide no more than two children (either closely fraternal boys or girls) through their growth periods to various socially educational phases. Thereafter, such mothers may serve very astutely in various social Earthy needs.

Neutrals (i.e. w/o children) have been found to be diligent researchers in various critical fields that ought to be developed on various socially amiable Earth problems. But anti-NATURE egotists and enslavers must be voided proportionally in order to minimize undue disruptive actions! Musical artistry is crucial for an amiable social state on our most singular Earth for various entertainment and relaxing needs on our totteringly unstable Mother Earth.

MDs must maintain sensible health formats but mostly with elemental medical stitches and with much more emphasis on essential crucial nutrition. Generally, drugs and other superficial oddities ought to be avoided. Abnormal and lower class people ought to be maintained at minimal cost.

The Earth World Government ought to be Socialistic whereby territory may be rented to various sensible entrepreneurs through a suitable number of effective sub-states that should exist in our friendlier World environments!

In this respect the United Nations organization seems to present the essential format if its effectiveness can be improved greatly.

Actually, a better title might be: ---Earth's Socially Amiable Government ---with convenient sub-groups on all of Earth! Moreover, there are some study-research plans to colonize some other locations in the Solar system. But we must wait well into the future to realize the potential research prospects and provided we recover from our economic disaster by extolling firmly NATURE's semi-implanted DNA-Mom organic Religion for Humans!

In sharp contrast to amiable mothers, men do not have a strongly vigorous family foundation. Consequently, they are at their best as defenders of the home from various random creatures and other environmental factors. Of course, men do enjoy, most generally, the social attention of women's family life!

We must brush away our badly scrambled mess shortly for a much more consistent and amiable life on our Mother Earth. But we must not waiver randomly. We need to face NATURE now with sensible reverence ---this very day now!

As amiable Earthy Humans, let's strive sensibly and intelligently with our Innate Natural Creation! It's the most suitable choice for our hopeful expectations on Mother Earth.

--NATURE's DNA-Mom Organic Religion! -Amen!--

Adios! I wish you much better luck at snipping sharply our innumerably senseless religions and to minimize, also, the immense over-crowding by selfishly misguided Humans. They have not, as yet, grasped the overwhelming scientific format of NATURE's consistently diverse Cosmos with our very tiny but highly unstable Mother Earth!

From here on let's aspire to the sensibly Amiable Religion on Our trauma-pathetic Mother Earth (with a lot of strangely- organic random symptoms). Yet it's our most hopeful option to survive intellectually for as much as a billion years or more if we rely principally on Cosmic Factual Science.

Our research in the outer Solar System will most probably recreate humanoids with meritorious adaptations of Our exceptional brain. We ought to manage a much more preselected Solar aster or planet that fits more efficiently in our diverse Solarium which is likely to be convenient for undue activities on various occasions. The research is wildly imaginative but we ought to persevere with NATURE's Science that includes the Organic Format!

--Eureka! Let's proceed sensibly! We have survived semi-intelligently our basic Earth DNA-Mom Facts for a billion years! But our blind reliance on multiple tyrants and odd-crafted deities failed us. As a result, we haven't as yet discerned the danger of over-crowding and strange Faiths on Our mid-sized Mother Earth planet!

Halleluiah! From now-on, we should proceed 'Hopefully' with Earthy DNA-Mom Facts but without any wildly-random and screwball-distortions that mess us now!

Essentially, we evolved Naturally on Earth but without any indication of the immense Science that constitutes NATURE's Cosmos.

We need to Up-Hold this profound Fact.

For example, consider the most dramatic event that occurred in my wife's Roman- Catholic but firm-willed girl-cousin in Helena, MT during our last visit nearly 30 years ago.

About a dozen years previously, she bore a badly contorted son although she and her husband and their families were typically normal people. The boy grew with sharp mental brains but he didn't have the crucial legs or body to crawl or stand. As a result he was confined to a crib which was used also for general shopping needs. Thus when he was nearly 12 years old and in the open back of the station wagon, he fell out and split open his cranium on the pavement.

Shortly thereafter, we visited the saddened family, but I was unable to provide hopeful solicitations because I was a neutral quizzical scientist in whom the Facts of NATURE were still badly scrambled at best.

However, it would appear now that an ambulatory-limited person might not be very useful on Our Earth but much more adaptable to strange configurations, here and there, in our Solar System. But we must first survive our monstrous Earthy mess very shortly. The actual opportunity to establish permanent bases on the Moon and Mars is based entirely on paper studies on Earth. Actual facilities may take 100 years more or less and a great deal more time for other Solar bodies. We need diverse locations in case our Earth suffers a nearly mortal blow in the foreseeable future.

Now: We MUST form-fit closely with amiable DNA-Mom Religion on Our crucially-taut Mother Earth that's badly scrambled by highly selfish tyrants. If we survive this cruel Human over-crowding now, then we have more than a billion (+) years with extra research on the Solar System to broaden and diversify the Human Species for the possible strange extraterrestrial environments in the foreseeable future!




G. Radical Climatic Changes on Earth

(vs. the 26,000-year Cyclical Sways of the Moon)



Ideally, if the Earth and Moon were free from imperfections like various earthquakes and nearby astronomical meteors and such, then the North Pole will experience summerish weather for 13,000 years while the South Pole freezes correspondingly. In this way a cyclical summer-winter profile is available for a long period of earthy time; that is, this process began more than a billion years ago and will continue if a sizeable astro strike can be avoided.

Unfortunately, actual scientific studies and measurements (of the last half million years) indicate that the Lunar cycles are rather random when quakes, meteoric activities, etc. occur abnormally on Earth.

Geological studies indicate that all the continents on Earth (including Antarctica) crept steadily northward and then around the North Pole. In this way, early herbivore dinosaurs enjoyed life there. 100 million years later, their huge successors were unable to survive the huge quakes etc. that darkened the skies for 6-10 million years. Thereafter, the large species did not survive but various new species (such as a mouse) thrived near the Earthy seashores.

As a result, a series of new species evolved slowly over 60 million years of random Earthy weather. Ultimately, various new species evolved that led successively into mammals like monkeys, apes and, then, anthropoids.

The very first inkling for an anthropoid was barely distinguishable about 6 million years ago.

But yet, WE modern Humans were born a very mere 0.2 million years ago (with the likely-Innate DNA-Mom consistency of Neanderthal mothers for children) in SW Africa. This semi- friendly association tended to persist for a long time while creeping northward into Europe and Asia.

In the meantime, radical volcanism became a very crucial factor in Southern Asia about 60,000 years ago. The tsunamis struck the East Coast of Africa and into the Pacific Ocean as well. Most people didn't survive! Some 30,000 years later the Neanderthals died from an inadequate diet (as they competed with more energetic Humans in wintry weather).

In the meantime, the Cave people of SW France (20,000 years ago) drew diverse artistry that compares very favorably with modern artists.

A couple thousand years later, the three majestic Pyramids in Egypt were built while similar artistry took place in Asia. This diligence occurred in Spring-like weather, with only moderate crowds but ample food supplies at that time.

Several thousand years later, the clear spirit of plenty subsided with undue overcrowding and highly tyrannical Governments that emphasized huge palaces and widespread empires.

For example, the Pharos of Egypt claimed to have built the 3 Great Pyramids 5,000 years ago from scratch. They actually refurbished them at the peaks but not in the lower crucial portions. They also fought with neighboring tribes in Asia and Africa who relied on various mythological spirits.

The Hellenic Greeks incorporated some Natural realities into their focal life. In particular, very young Plato was attracted into the streets of Athens by the Natural sophistry of Socrates. Plato was highly impressed and initiated his School of natural Philosophy. One of his books was Utopia (in order to organize NATURAL life on Earth).

Unfortunately, one of his last students was Aristotle who favored hypothetical formats which proliferated until about a dozen years ago (when the huge immensity of NATURE was greatly clarified with Science}.

Essentially, it is up to us to reshape our immense Human over-population with an amiable DNA-Mom Religion on OUR Earth and, thus, free the skies of dangerous gases and highly particulate material ashes.

Consequently, if the Antarctic continent is to be in a full Lunar-summer format now, then the North Pole ought to be fully frozen by the end of 2012. Actually the Northern Polar Regions have been exceptionally wet during the recent past and wintry weather ought to persist at least for several thousand years in the North Polar regions. Hence, we need to define our amiable Social government, proper birth control, Educating the young and efficient elders, lower security for less effective people etc.

Consequently, We need an amiable DNA-Mom Religion NOW in order to smooth the immense greed that we have created shortsightedly during the past 15,000 years!

The New Social Government must now incorporate most activities on Mother Earth. It must focus primarily on the evolution of life on Earth and secondarily on NATURE's extensive Cosmos.

Apparently, life on Earth began systematically with NATURE's DNA acting as a semi-random factor in all active organisms on Earth. Only Humans seem to have an exceptional brain if they cooperate scientifically with NATURE. In this way we can form a suitable DNA-Mom amiable detailed plan. For example: Elderly and ineffective people ought to be on lower living survival rates. We let the Neanderthals starve but did not kill them intentionally. We should use tubal ligation and vasectomy to control births. Organize outdoor ranger studies that control intentionally the appropriate NATURAL evolution of creatures, beasts and Humans on Earth for a much longer term of life for suitably justifiable Human from from now on etc. Best Wishes to A-L-L Earthen Humans who have scrambled most of their lives unnaturally and MUST convert shortly NOW for an Amiable but Singular DNA-Mom life on OUR Earth! Amen!

--Earthy Utopias; Age 94 during 2011.




H. Voting Now for NATURE's Amiable but Neat Earth Humans!


A short while ago, my Assist-Editor advised you of my project for a Factual but Natural Religion on Earth. She meant to impress you also with my love for Classical music w/o ever strumming or reading music!

Please  just realize that actual LIFE on Earth began with tiny organisms (more than a billion years ago) that evolved in time and then hugely in size but got buried in super-volcanism about 60 million years ago. Much smaller organisms followed slowly.

Gradually later the first anthropoid evolved at 6 million years ago.  Modern Humans dropped at 0.2 million years ago in SW Africa (in an odd mix with Neanderthals}?). But the immense Factual brilliance of humans was found in the Ice Caves of SW France and in the Egyptian pyramids 18,000 years ago as well as in much topographical artistry in most of Asia.

Unfortunately, the Saharan terrain was nearly dry 12,000 years ago and human  overcrowds had to readopt on food lands. But this process required gross central rules that were hugely accepted by selfish Tyrants that enslave Us to this very day which ought to be  closely consistent with Eternal NATURE Now for Our Solar Earth!

But suddenly in mid-2011 a brief World Wide News event announced that a tiny Aegean Isle is creating simple Health for long life! Many promising details are in my imminent TEXT!

Now my EditAid, her daughter (Maria, Age 30) etc. are setting up my EarthyUtopia TEXT with links to  Facebook, Twitter, etc. for others to examine and discuss NATURE's very Neat Human life Facts for Astro-Scientist-like Experts on Our Earth!

Maria has just set the TEXT at www. It is essentially completed and I am sharing it with you and others as We proceed hereafter NOW on Mother Earth Solar System!

I hope You will wish Us well in NATURE's Amiable but highly Sensible Process!

-- WmToulis; Age 96, nearly blind and mostly immobile but fairly active as yet!





EarthyUtopia 4 Entries Dec. 2009

1. --Our Options with Earthy DNA Facts!

Organic life began to develop on Earth more than a billion years ago when molecular water from outer space was gradually accepted by the cooling Earth. Additional odd gases also came with amino acids and elemental DNAs to later generate oxygen and varied organisms on Earth.

Much later, the huge plant and forest growths induced the dinosaur herbivores to grow immensely in size. They lived for 120 million years but suffered fatal extinction 65 million years ago from both dramatic volcanism and, from a huge asteroid that streaked into the Caribbean Sea.

Fortunately, some mouse-sized creatures survived and evolved slowly into various mammal species. Thereafter, a series of primates evolved. They included monkeys, apes and eventually humans.

The very first anthropoid was noted to exist 6 million years ago. Many other improving versions supplanted them slowly. We Humans finally came into existence about 200,000 years ago

Considerably later at 60,000 years ago, we nearly became extinct from volcanism and Ice Age problems. We recovered in southern Asia and continued to repopulate the Earth slowly and then promiscuously with the sudden emergence of technical novelties. However, the lay people have not as yet absorbed the overwhelming facts of NATURE's immense eternal Cosmos.

Indeed some 20,000 years ago, the Lascaux Cave in France exhibited numerous displays of amazing artistic paintings on the Cave walls. Apparently, these Ice Age wild-game hunters formed a basic democratic society with the observable melodramatic NATURE!

Unfortunately, wild game hunting ended about 10,000 years ago. It gave way to agricultural communities. The resulting governments became tyrannically aggressive and enslaved the populace selfishly. This dilemma continues to this day even though we had a major scientific revolution during the last century. Our social populace is deeply engorged with far too many vague concepts and random idolatrous religions! Thus, they did not absorb NATURE's DNA-Mom facts for an amiable life!

The recent dozen-year-old Astronomical discovery that NATURE is Eternally immense with infinite Big Bangs should help us realize that ---NATURE's DNA-Mom Religion; -Amen! -is much more suitable for an amiable life on Earth if accepted shortly!

Futuristically, our Galaxy is scheduled to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in about a billion years. If our Solar system strikes well inside Andromeda, then our future comes to a sudden end. Otherwise, we'll probably survive if we stay out at Andromeda's edges.

Ultimately, the Earth will be charred when our Sun explodes in 4 billion years and then falls back into a dim star! Human life may possibly continue thereafter if there are any successes in colonizing planetoids suitable for DNA in the Mars-Jupiter-Neptune regions.


2. --The Genesis of DNA-Mom Facts on Earth!

Just about a billion years ago the surface of our dry but cooling Earth began to accept the flow of molecular water from outer space which eventually filled our vast oceans. Some other gases were included, also in the flow together with amino acids and DNA formats. Essentially these items constitute the basic evolution of DNA-Mom life!

In the meantime, linear green organisms (involving elemental DNA formats) appeared on rocks. In this process, the green organisms converted slowly the incoming odd gases into oxygen for our planet's atmosphere. This basic process initiated the dramatic creation of innumerable diverse organisms that continue the struggle for DNA survival on our Earth to this day. Initially, the land filled with vegetable matter and diverse forests. With time and many upsets in terrain (such as from outer space, volcanism, plate tectonics etc.), huge deposits of coal and oil were created in the folds of erupted terrain matter. The oxygen level in air rose to a 37% level (as compared to 19% today). Moreover, the multitudes of plants provided teasing nourishment for sea faring organisms that ventured onto various shores to feed on the lush vegetation thereon.

Much later, the dinosaurs joined into the DNA fray at about 200 million years ago. They feasted on vegetable life and grew, eventually, into gigantic proportions. But inasmuch as these vegetarian organisms vary in random DNA form, many different dinosaur species evolved with time in this typically changing DNA environment. Similarly, carnivores like Tyrannosaurus Rex were also dinosaurs that feasted ferociously on various creatures.

Unfortunately for these massive creatures, the feasting ended 65 million years ago when a huge asteroid rammed the Caribbean Sea. Also, exceptionally unusual volcanism acted as well to block out the Sun for a wrenching long while.

Fortunately for us, mouse sized organisms took the opportunity, thereafter, to create gradually various other new organisms, various primates and us, eventually, during the past 65 million years.

The earliest example of the first anthropoid was noted to exist about 6 million years ago; that is, it took 60 million years of evolving species to attain this stage of random evolution to create Modern Us! Thereafter, the teen aged girl's skeleton, named Lucy was born nearly 3 million years ago. She was nearly normal like us except that her cranium was only about one-half that of ours.

The next evolving persons of note were the Neanderthals who arrived about 700,000 years ago. They were nearly like us but they were quite limited in their artistic ability. They disappeared 20,000 years ago during the Ice Age because of their inability to compete effectively with us humans for their share of wild game. Apparently, we could not reproduce with each other.

Much more specifically, the very sharp contrast between us and the Neanderthals is graphically displayed in the amazing artistry of modern-day Humans who lived 20,000 years ago in the dark Ice Age Cave at Lascaux in south-west France. These humans were a group of game-hunting people that favored greatly the warmth of the cave and rewarded us with a lot of attractive stone-wall but diverse paintings. Indeed, the great versatile artistry of the tribal Lascaux hunters suggests that they practiced basic democracy in NATURE's melodramatic domains --inasmuch as modern Scientific Facts were inaccessible at that time.

Somewhat later at 16,000 years ago, the Egyptians started designing and building the 3 Great Pyramids, the 3 footprints of which match exactly on the Eastern Horizon the spacial layout of the 3 belt stars on the Hunter of the Orion Constellation of that specific date. The climate at that time was probably wet and not desert as it is today in northern Africa.

At about 11,000 years later, the Pharaohs claimed falsely that the Pyramids were their creations; that is the spatial match no longer exists as the North Pole wobbles in space every 27,000 years. Additionally, the Asians designed Heavenly field configurations of the Orion 3-star Hunter at the same 16,000 year date!

Modern Humans evolved in South-West Africa about 200,000 years ago. Eventually, they wandered slowly into Asia about 60,000 years ago where they suffered severely from the existing Ice Age (which occurs, generally, every 27,000 years). Furthermore, violent earthquakes at Mt. Toro may have caused tsunamis that crushed wandering bands on far off shores. Hence, only a few thousand people were alive in Asia (and elsewhere) to generate the nearly 7 billion people that exist today to scramble for egotistical selfish wealth. Our earlier nomadic way of life (such as the typical Lascaux Cave people that lived on wild game) ended 10,000 years ago when communities had to be formed to till the soil for nutrients. Moreover, tyrannical governments had to be organized against marauders and, eventually, to dominate and enslave us unnaturally; that is, our Governments and Institutions are engorged with absurd ignorance of the factual NATURE of Reality in the Cosmos.

At the very least, we ought to know something about NATURE's DNA Religion as it is never ever discussed crucially on our enormous communication links. Apparently, the DNA-Mom religion is enormously complex; that is, Astronomers seem to veer into vague theories and to shy away from any factual associations. Governmental authorities are factually ignorant and, thus, they enslave us through very dubious legal and confounding formulations.

Meanwhile, our Earthy life is degraded tragically unless we begin to realize soon that the DNA Religion can be amazingly effective if we can focus sharply on our innate DNA environmental facts on Earth!

And the final realization that NATURE's Cosmos is eternal and immense with miniscule amounts of DNA organisms here and there that are unable to communicate with each other beyond their individual Solar Systems of diverse planets!

Let's maintain our precious Earth Humanly and DNA-Mom healthy!


3. --Establish Amiable Society On Earthy DNA Facts

Inasmuch as NATURE's Cosmos of Big Bangs is eternally enormous and inasmuch as we Humans are too frail to survive efficiently beyond our Solar Earth, we should be amending greatly our scrambled Earthy mess. Apparently, baffling ignorance and multiple Heaven-Hell doomsday religions have created catastrophic breakdowns that exist now and into the nearby future unless we face NATURE's DNA-Mom Earthy facts shortly!

We modern Humans have the potential capacity to synchronize, sensibly, NATURE's DNA-Mom organism facts in our highly scrambled Social Life on Earth if we can focus very sharply on these crucial DNA facts! We must re-establish society amiably on our DNA facts as they occur environmentally on our Earth!

Our Solar System lies in a quiet spot at the outer edges of the Milky Way Galaxy. The nearest body is our Moon (at about one light-seconds away). The Sun is only 8 light-minutes away. But the nearest star to us, Alpha Centauri, is an enormous 4 light-years away (whereas, the 3rd star, Sirius is 8 light-years away). However, we frail Humans do not have the stamina or capacity to travel alive to these or any nearby stars. Furthermore, microwave antenna arrays have failed to indicate any civilized signals within a radius of about 100 light years.

Consequently, our space travels are essentially limited to exploring the Solar System environment. For example, we've already decided that a caved-in space on the moon would serve well as a way-station for space travel and other practical functions. Later, a similar configuration may serve well on Mars and other planetoids somewhat beyond its busy orbit region. Ultimately, such fancy configurations may serve well when the Earth is engulfed and charred – in 4 billion years by our exploding Sun which then becomes a dim dwarf star.

More generally, we have too many contrasting beliefs that destroy our capacity to search for the true facts of life. Thus we spend our lives antagonistically with limited resources and hoping for an improved turn of events. Alternatively, Mother Nature is just mentioned in whimsical comedy relief.

NATURE's DNA-Mom Earthy facts ought to be our utmost sense of Reality with our Solar Earthy environment; that is, alternative substitutes are practically ineffective on our Earth. We evolve innately through semi-random sequenced DNA-Mom formats that ought to be consistent with much more suitable amiability!

In our actual life on Earth, Scientists enjoy functioning in their specific fields but they stoop to the vague aloofness of Theoreticians when they rely on innumerable notions ---but hardly ever think of NATURE's DNA Factual Cosmos! Thus, we must re-establish NATURE's Reality very shortly if we wish to survive much more amicably in our singularly well-suited Earthy Solar system in NATURE's enormously vast Cosmos!

Here on miniscule Earth, for example, the dinosaurs lived for a very long period of 120 million years with continuously varying environmental problems. More specifically, their bones were found on Antarctica which has slipped slowly (via plate tectonics) from the North Polar Region. This tectonic drift continues and the reuniting of continents will occur again in the future with evolving organisms (but with or without any amiable-society Humans at that time). Many other organisms have come and gone naturally on Earth with varying degrees of success in their environmental occasions. Gratuitously however, we survive with an exceptionally large free-will brain that has misguided us, so far, from NATURE's DNA facts. However, our brain seems to be flexible for much better amiability for an improved Earthy Society if we educate people very sharply from early childhood and fairly well into adulthood.

Much more detrimentally, we spent the last 10,000 years as subject slaves of tyrannical governments that controlled education, religions and communal life selfishly. Hence and hereafter, we must not let such scrambled notions to blotch NATURE's DNA facts from our crucial abode on our planet Earth. We must educate our children to focus very sharply on NATURE's DNA Religion but, yet, create an Amiable Society that suitably enhances our conjoined Human Life on Earth!

Although inept overpopulation seems to be the fundamental factor, another disturbing problem is the inadequate training and education of the evolving children and their mental development into adulthood. In other words, we now scramble these kids with disturbing notions of erratic behavior in their evolving brains as they mature progressively. The educational matter must be organized scientifically in order to stimulate the basic needs of our human communities (and applied suitably well also to other organisms that ought to coexist on Earth). The appropriate scientific education should begin in infancy and be continued well into adulthood inasmuch as we individually tend to function better mentally in some fields than in others useful to healthy DNA.

Essentially, the mother's basic education constitutes the most significant factor in the initial growth of children and should help to avoid odd peoples. Thereafter, the kids should enter much better organized schools while she shifts gradually into social DNA fields for the rest of her life. In the meantime, the father's role is that of a family guardian while working on suitable projects here and/or there. Organic life begun to develop on Earth more than about a billion years ago when molecular water from outer space was gradually accepted by our cooling Earth. Additional odd gases also came with the space flow together with amino acids and elemental DNAs. Odd gases blew in also to generate oxygen and a multitude of varied organisms on Earth.

Much later, the huge plant and forest growths induced the dinosaur herbivores to grow immensely in size. They lived for 120 million years but suffered fatal extinction 65 million years ago from both dramatic volcanism and the huge asteroid that streaked into the Caribbean Sea. Many organisms survived to create mammals.

Considerably later, the evolution of the very first anthropoid was noted to exist 6 million years ago. They evolved slowly to generate us Humans about 200,000 years ago. Much later (at the Ice Age 60,000 years ago), we nearly became extinct. We recovered in southern Asia and continued to repopulate the Earth more vigorously.

Indeed some 20,000 years ago, the Lascaux Cave in France exhibited numerous displays of amazing artistic paintings on the Cave walls. Apparently, these Ice Age wild-game hunters formed a basic democratic society with melodramatic NATURE!

Unfortunately, wild game hunting ended about 10,000 years ago. It gave way to agricultural communities. The resulting governments became tyrannically aggressive and enslaved the populace selfishly.

This dilemma continues to this day, even though we had a major Scientific revolution during the last century; that is our social populace is deeply engorged with far too many vague concepts and vague idolatrous religions!

The recent dozen-year-old Astronomical discovery that NATURE is Eternally immense with BigBangs and that event should help us realize that.


4. ---NATURE's DNA Religion; Amen! ---

Futuristically, our Galaxy is scheduled to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy in one billion years. If our Solar system strikes well inside Andromeda, then our future comes to a quick end. Otherwise, we'll probably survive if we stay out at Andromeda's outer edges.

Ultimately, the Earth will be charred when our Sun explodes in 4 billion years and then falls back into a dim star in its present location in our Milky Way Galaxy!

However, civilized life is likely to exist in the outer edges of the defunct Sun; that is, we are now planning a practical cave-like working station on the Moon that would also permit faster travel into space. (Mars may be reachable similarly later).

Considerably much later, space colonizers ought to find more luscious areas in the Neptune-Jupiter region as spare colonies from Earth. Consequently, thriving colonies ought to survive in the Neptune-Jupiter region way after the Sun explodes and collapses into a dim star!

Thus and hypothetically, Human life need not end very shortly as in our presently awful scrambled mess but the DNA regeneration process should continue upon planetoids in Solar space to safeguard our future with intelligent foresight on our part on precious Earth!

Bon Voyage and Best Wishes on Establishing Amiable DNA-Mom Planetoids in our future evolving Solar process!!

EarthyUtopia MIT MS {1940}, UC Berkeley PHD Physics {1949}




Chapter 1. Summary Study from 1930's to 2005

~~DNA-DEISM: NATURE’s Secular Theocracy~~

~~Worship It toward An Earthy Utopia! ~~


Recently, my long term reservations (at 90) about the Human Conundrum flared up sharply because of two mind-boggling events... The first one occurred about 3 years ago when astronomical theoreticians failed to convey a common-sense explanation to the typical layman about the totally unexpected expansion of our observable universe by persevering in their usual stiff and clannish style! The second shocking event to me was the nearly total enslavement (not unlike ZOMBIES) of the human mind, generally and especially in the Mid-East, by jingoistic egotists and dogmatists.

Modern Science has made enormous progress technically but has, so far, failed miserably in clarifying our spiritually enigmatic life. Broadly-based but relevant Science should and must take the prime responsibility for establishing the elements of an Earthy Utopia, especially after minimizing the imbued seduction proffered by selfishly greedy profiteers!!! The typical layman, on the other hand, should shed his unreal spiritual dogmas (but retain naturally established mores) for worldwide brotherhood wherein far fewer sleazy traders, politicians and such ought to coexist.

Essentially, all of us, including bugs, mice, dinosaurs, black holes, etc., are irrevocable elements of an ETERNAL Nature! And NOT that of an intelligent design Creator that begs the puzzlingly quixotic question of who created God? — while twiddling His thumbs in an unimaginably endless space-time continuum?!? It’s shockingly amazing that such myopic perversions of reality persist to this very day and especially since DEISM, implying synonymous equivalence of God and Nature, has been fomenting, at least, ever since the 13th century’s Roger Bacon. In this context, mused INTELLIGENT DESIGN might be more aptly applicable to an endlessly functioning configuration that constitutes the entire Cosmos of Eternal Nature!

Did you know that our very own Ben Franklin and Jefferson were practicing Deists? A much longer list includes renowned names such as Rousseau, Voltaire, Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, Francis Bacon,… and ancients like Plato and even pre-domesticated humans.

We should/must minimize egotistical corruptive greed while educating the masses to the very strict realities of Cosmic life; the fundamental Conservation Laws of modern Physics (as evolved initially by Isaac Newton and, ages previously, by?! Archimedes) imply categorically that matter cannot be CREATED out of nothing! That is, in common horse-sense language, we are expending, unnecessarily, enormous amounts of our energies on idle and futile pie-in-the-sky delusions which, very unfortunately, often generate imponderable problems.

Unswerving FAITH in Nature constitutes essentially the only long-term survival hopes for an “enlightened” Homo Sapiens species on a very finite Mother Earth.



The basic essence of this document is to provide, very simply, scientific evidence of a muddling oversight that has degraded our social environment. Actually, it is a highly convoluted distortion of absolute reality! Essentially, our social disposition has not budged in spite of highly significant research by modern science… Apparently, our spirituality was stultified and emasculated (in the manner of Zombiism} by perverse egotists and misguided zealots. As a result, Mother Nature still remains in a downtrodden and shrouded state…. This abject insensitivity to reality is totally senseless…. We do not have much time, if any, to diddle! Begin NOW by refocusing our faith in Mother Nature’s ETERNAL edicts!!!

Present day humans seem to be teetering on the very edge of great DNA (Our Sacred & Miraculous Link to Mom NATURE) degradation and on premature extinction of Homo Sapiens as a result of inept mismanagement of our natural heritage on Mother Earth: the one and only abode for all of us in the entire Cosmos!

Simply stated, we seem to be unable to graduate out from our Stone Age delusional meanderings in spite of enormous scientific revelations in recent times. Consider, as one example, the dilatory and confrontational political struggles between Conservatives and Liberals. The former rely on rigidly revealed pipe-dream divinities to guide our social mores but, yet, fail to achieve unity of purpose among subdivisions therein... Liberals, on the other hand, favor socialistic attitudes that tend to be broadminded to a degree of chaotic paralysis to improve society… In the meantime, egotists and robber barons have an open field to control economic and social growth selfishly and haphazardly.

Astonishingly and with stupefying perplexity, we seem to dote endlessly on fictional or trivial subjects but hardly ever, if ever, inquire into the ultimate reality of Nature! To all intents and purposes, Mother Nature may be characterized simply as a perfectly functioning but widely diverse clock without any revocable reservations whatsoever more! And, yet, a startlingly optional proviso coexists therein which was triggered automatically about one billion years ago when the temperature on Mother Earth had subsided to accommodate biologically active molecular complexes and, especially, the Miraculous-DNA types that ENCODE the Spark-of-Life in ALL organisms; that is, the Will-to-Survive is inborn as a Religious urge to associate or evade dangerous situations.

In this context, self-delusional meditation and praying to the “God” {free-will agent), that exists in the 1400-cc space between one’s own two ears, might be beneficially acceptable human traits and even though Mother Nature, in amazing retrospect, is totally unresponsive to horrendous inequities (such, as head-conjoint twins, etc., etc.–) that may confront any one of us.. Hence, conditionally natural social justice and not mere piety should serve as our prime practical goal!

Objectively, we humans are biologically doomed forever to live on Mother Earth! Some traveling beyond our Solar System might be possible but only in robotic form. Thus, we need to maintain a naturally healthy environment to minimize degrading mutations in our OCCULT DNA which also dictates the BASIC nature of our INNATE religiosity.

In fact, we are already in a high state of overpopulation with respect to our available natural resources. We have also neglected to educate the masses of Mother Nature’s restrictive edicts while permitting unfettered economic growth for the unbridled whims of brigands and charlatans.

Our apparently total disregard throughout the ages of the eternal and impersonal nature of reality is highly unsettling! It is a flaw, a monumental flaw, of outrageous proportions… The historically snail-paced growth of scientific evidence has, undoubtedly, been a key factor and, especially, when combined with the inbuilt and dominating priority of self-preservation and, also, the puny capacity of the elite to discern and project the all-empowering eternity of Mother Nature (as exemplified, in part, by the total failure to follow through with the threading impact of scientifically Modern DEISM).

Are we really paradoxically defective or are we going to reverse our enigmatically chaotic behavior to favor reality? Reversing the course will take time and, hence, immediate action is imperative if we are to finally awaken to our all-time monumental blunder…. At the very least, the irrevocable eternity of Mother Nature ought to become front page news if we are to block and reverse highly convoluted dogmas that are tearing us apart

The USA should set a universally good example by acknowledging that IN GOD WE TRUST refers specifically and identically to Eternal Nature (thus , adding some real backbone from our founding forefathers Jefferson and Franklin) while preserving the humanly-sensible wisdom gathered throughout the ages.

Unnatural religions should be firmly discouraged! Children should be taught to be open minded only after deeply instilling and acknowledging the critical limits imposed by Mother Nature. Thus, the attainment of an Earthy Utopia might be realized only and only if we can limit and control environmental degradation, overpopulation, and rampantly fanatic zealots who have hijacked and emasculated our innate spiritual sensibilities!

Therefore, we should focus very sharply on realistic Modern DEISM and not on either the revealed-robotising Idolatry of prevailing religions or on the endless ramblings of Atheism/Agnosticism/etc. Amen!



Amazingly and astoundingly and in view of monumental technological progress, our existing religious dogmas still persist even though they evolved when Mother Earth was considered to be the center of the universe and with only our sun, moon, stars and some wandering artifacts traversing the sky… And, yet, no prophet, seer, God/Allah/Jehovah/… or son of God ever ventured to correct this grotesque misrepresentation. Some 500 years ago, Copernicus wrote a book (to be published only after his death–fearing severe retributions from the clergy) revealing his conviction that Mother Earth rotated around the sun and not otherwise! Early in the last century, an evolving steady-state theory for our universe was abandoned when experimental evidence of a Big Bang was found to have occurred some 14 billion years ago…. seemingly, something out of nothing?!?

Much more recently, the speed of this Big-Bang explosion was found to be increasing unexpectedly, suggesting the presence of unforeseen forces and energies... Theoreticians, imbued with inbred mathematical perfection and revelation, seemed to be in a quandary about this strange phenomenon and simply continued to rely on the extremely uncommon string theory, involving a dozen or so dimensions, to clarify the Cosmic Nature of things. On the other hand, some associates ascribe the unexpected expansion to the common-sense conclusion that the eternal Cosmos consists of a sea or continuum of universes wherein our own 14 billion-year old Big-Bang universe is merely one of them — a sensibly working concept that’s more than adequate to satisfy humanity’s foreseeable needs.

Stated somewhat differently, we need much more mass (by a factor of 20) to reverse our Big-Bang expansion and, thus, to satisfy the required criterion for a continuously persisting oscillatory steady-state existence…. In addition, a Cosmic sea of universes allows one of many Big Bangs to occur (i.e., not something out of nothing but) whenever two behemoth black holes (each with a coterie of smaller bodies) collide at enormous speeds and spill their innards somewhat asymmetrically and, thus, in sharp contrast to the generally single-point source assumed in our Big-Bang conventional theory.

Furthermore, much more research into the detailed mysteries of the vast Cosmos seems to be highly (if not totally) inapplicable to very short-term oriented (and overly trouble-drenched) humans on an obscure planet in a nondescript locale. For example, our Big Bang occurred 14 billion years ago, while our Milky Way galaxy (one of a zillion others) condensed some 5 billion years ago and since our sun is not scheduled to blow its mantle for another 5 billion years, the future for humans would appear to be rosy–not really–since many catastrophic events have and may occur at most any time.

Venus, for example, is our next-door identical twin in size but totally inhospitable to us; other solar bodies do not offer much better hope Alternatively, Homo Sapiens was born a measly snippet 200 thousand years ago; yet, he may not survive potentially menacing events into much of this new century, unless, he mends his wayward LIFE soon in conformity with the immutable decrees of Eternal NATURE. Emasculated Humans — awaken to the very distinctive realities of Mother Nature! The Cosmos may seem to us as an endless mess of unresponsive phenomena wherein Mother Nature settled down, allegorically, and went to sleep at the onset of eternity. If you persist in railing against Mother Nature as a negligently unresponsive bitch, then you must be a dithering idiot. Alternatively, if you persist in dogmatically revealed faith, in spite of enormous inequities amongst us, then you must be insanely inept… Inescapably, it’s up to us to choose and pick our course of action (cooperatively and efficiently or not) within those rigid constraints of reality!



According to Creation and Genesis, humanity flourished and decided to reach Heaven by building a tower in Babel. The Tower of Babel was never completed because progress stalled when the builders were unable to maintain amongst them a common language of communication and, presumably, due to the personal displeasure of the Gods in Heaven…. Consequently, they dispersed and, unto this very day, they seem to cooperate very inefficiently in a manner reminiscent of a hoard of lemmings rushing, pell-mell, into a wide open sea… Will our fate be equally ignominiously Zombic?

Consider that the onset of biological life occurred about a billion years ago... Dinosaurs survived for 150 million years while we humans are virtual newcomers and already on the verge of apocalyptic disaster as a result of undue and unreasonable modifications of our earthly environment.

Actually, anthropological evidence indicates that our original species broke away from our simian cousins about 5 million years ago and, eventually, Homo Sapiens made his final appearance a merely (flash-in-the-pan) 200,000 years ago within a band of hunter-gatherers in the Kalahari Desert of south-western Africa. In essence, the members had to cooperate democratically for effective survival in the naturally existing environment and, especially, after being almost completely decimated 60,000 years ago by super-volcanism (a la the now overdue 34+ mile Yellowstone Caldera?).

They managed to flourish, haphazardly, until about 10-20 thousand years ago when over-hunting of game led them to rely on gathering and, eventually, to the planting of seeds and grains in preferred locales… This transformation had a vastly traumatic effect on social interactions. For the joy of consistently having access to a loaf of bread, common humans had to surrender most of their freedom to a centrally organized authority whose egotistical whims would differ and vary inconsistently in time with the optimal needs of the lay community… In general, this uneasy and inefficient compromise of some 10-20 thousand years ago has persisted to this very day, even though fundamental knowledge and the means of communicating it have grown immensely.

Nevertheless, the spirit of man seems to be indomitable. There were many occasions in the distant past (in the Mid-East, India and south-east Asia) of brilliant flare-ups and, thereafter, fade away mysteriously. Plato’s Atlantis may highlight possible activities in the Americas (Tiahuanaco etc.) via Thor Heyerdahl’s drift cruises.

But a most bizarre case involves the three great pyramids of Giza: purportedly, built 5000 years ago but, anachronistically, the exact footprints of the 3 pyramids match (astoundingly!?!) exactly the physical layout of the 3 stars in the belt of Orion the Hunter constellation and as if the belt might have been inclined (due to our polar-axis usual wobbles) at about 17,000 years ago. Apparently; a cyclical weather pattern seems to exist in the Sahara Desert of Northern Africa area wherein the Nile Valley becomes inundated in the wet cycle and, thus, a pre-Pharoic civilization might have flourished and thus built the Giza pyramids in the previous dry cycle.



The rise and practice of democratic fervor was especially noteworthy in Athens and environs. Many individuals made memorable contributions to society. One, in particular, was Plato who, initially, got his education from the street-wise commoner Socrates. Thereafter, he founded a most influential school wherein Aristotle was one of his later students.

Plato wrote about many different subjects and one in particular dealt with an idealized state of existence which he called Utopia… Essentially, he called for a strict regimentation of society in order to be consistent with the natural laws of factual life.

Copycat zealots followed, thereafter, with a wild mess of fancied revelations that persist to this very day and, wherein, perversely dogmatic hierarchies have completely emasculated, Zombishly, our capacity to continue improving common-sense spirituality in the manner of highly- esteemed DEISTIC philosophers. Hopefully, it’s not too late to search and establish, at least, a uniformly suitable Earthy Utopia with Mother Nature serving as the ultimate guide in conjunction with the innate Sacred & Miraculous DNA.

The implementation of an Earthy rather than a perfect Utopia rests on the observation that we are a fairly diverse group of humans… Diversity implies that there should be both conservative and liberal planning inasmuch as Mother Earth’s resources are limited.

Moreover, there ought to be a nuclear family at the core that relies on enlightened discipline. A considerable degree of freedom of action should exist but not to the degree that it becomes chaotic. Also, democratic institutions ought to be established since intelligence varies randomly; that is, most successes occur for being at the right place and time. Thus, society must provide for an open and even field of opportunity.

Strict discipline is essential in all human endeavors that ought to include the environment, genetic engineering, and all biological and physical sciences. Finally, spirituality might be a merely human innovation as a fail-safe mechanism to survive in a puzzling environment but then, personally, the spirituality conveyed by the Baroque Classical Music Masters is one solid reason for wishing to survive another day!

Actually, the illusory conjectures of Classical Music (and pastural emanations from Nature’s domains) do, indeed, provide more harmonious occasions to reflect and meditate deeply without the onus of vague and discordant verbiage; In this way, uplifting spirituality should be much more easily accessible to all of us !?!

In essence, are we MICE or MEN?!? LET THERE BE LIGHT



Chapter 2. Summary Study to 2006

~~BEYOND BELIEF: ~Our Scrambled Religions! vs. Wondrous DNA~~

~~~Our Rowdistic Religiosity~~~

~~~Is IGNORING True Reality: ~~~

~~~ ETERNAL “Mom” NATURE!!!)~~~

~~Thus, Trampling All-Over MOM!!!~~~

~~~Hence, Our DeNATUREd Free-Will~~~

~~~Has Led Us Into BLINDING Ruts~~~

~~~And a Hellish Life without MOM?!?~~~

~~~It’s about Time to End this Zombic Stupor! ~~~

~~~And Awaken to Sacredly Miraculous DNA!!!~~~

~~~And An E-A-R-T-H-Y Utopia for Us NOW!?!~~~

~~~MOM; Where Are You? ~We Need YOU!!!~~~

~~~Because We’re In-a-Rut & Falling A-P-A-R-T!!!~~~

~~~And Dead-as-a-DODO skit is looming ahead! ~~~


Chaotic Greed, Cynicisms, Ignorance etc. are leading us to suicidal-survival squabbles (without Deistic guidance from IGNORED Mom NATURE — a monumentally absurd oversight that’s explosively ruinous)!!!

Actually and FACTUALLY, modern Science has been very firm about Mom NATURE’s Cosmos: It’s eternal but of indeterminable extent; It’s physically very active but, apparently, never out of control.

Surprisingly, however, this domain harbors, on occasion, the DNA's miraculous creation of free-will organisms.

These exist in limited locales and, apparently, without any ethereal guidance beyond that of its free-will DNA brain. But:


Our God-given Free-Will has ensnared us into judgmental decisions in the field of spirituality with countless conflicting religions due to pervasive ignorance about the innate nature of the observed COSMOS.

This lingering dilemma has, recently, been resolved, FACTUALLY, in favor of ETERNAL NATURE being solely identical to a, nominally, Supremely Enabling Power with practically 100% certainty, wherein, Creator Gods and such are merely illusory entities~~ inasmuch as there isn’t any substantive (i.e., NIL) evidence in their favor.

Accordingly, there is no reason, any longer, to hedge and hedge trivially and irresponsibly. It’s time to accept Mom NATURE as our guiding light and as deduced sensibly via DNA-DEISM –which is objectively detailed cosmologically, historically and socially in an earlier study.

At the very least, every one ought to be familiar with MOM’s impersonal indifference with our tribulations; that is, our free-will capacity is hard-wired to our brains and not to any conceivably detached Creator, Thus, there isn't any justifying evidence, whatsoever, which isn’t full of quixotic riddles!

Otherwise, we’re just simply playing Russian Roulette — our present-day sadistic predicament — and not focusing, instead, on Mom Nature’s unrelenting decrees which are well established with practically 100% certainty! That’s the nature of TRUE reality as long as we rely on a passionate free-will URGE to survive dramatically with our brain power as a guide to either more ZOMBIC stupor or, much more sensibly, to edifying DEISM.

Hence, It’s DNA & amp; Mom NATURE Conjoined; or, ELSE, Disjoined Hellishly via our boundless Free-Will. Thus, our pathetic willful struggles to survive without sensible guidance via Modern DNA-Deism’s Mom NATURE. (Stated somewhat differently, it’s our brain that’s our God-in-Heaven in the manner of an enigmatic Jehovah and/or as in Polytheismic dramas).

YET~The-Nature-of-What & DNA too?!? ~~Our ever Fervent Gasps to Survive ~Wherein~

~~Nature’s DICTUM: ~Grow As-a-*T*R*E*E*!!! or, ELSE, As-a-Jungle?!?~~YOUR Choice: Either

Naturally Sensible Spirituality!!! ~~DEISM **D** DEISM~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~ **N**~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ **A**~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ************************************** ***ETERNAL~~~NATURE***~~~~~ ***************************************

*OR*: ~ Chaotically Created Spirituality! with DNA & Heaven-Hell Concoctions!?! ~ ~~Step-On~~~NATURE~~~Stomp-On ~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Defining BASIC Spirituality!

IN-The-NATURE-of-THINGS is a common aphorism but NOT a clearly assayed TRUISM simply because we love its acquired lyricism and, thus, fall far short of the TRULY basic essence of its innate sagacity! This predicament is especially true with our reliance on spiritualism! Everybody’s Free-Will generates a different version and, consequently, we have universal mayhem even though, for example, we have a much bigger brain than a dinosaur; That is, the dinosaur survived for 150 million years but we’d be lucky to survive a very tiny fraction of that time span..

In other words, we use our much superior brain power to rape rather than to maintain and re-enhance our one-and-only Earthly abode. We’ve got to curb, severely, our daydreams in favor of DNA-DEISM; that is, we should worship (rather than neglect, as presently) the basic functions that constitute Eternal Nature!

We should fervently hope that it isn’t too late, as yet, to apply DEISM! — a sensible deduction of mused Intelligent Design in the nature of the vast Cosmos!!?! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Spark of Life~~*D*N*A*~~GENESIS!!! PRIMAL~Fervor~Religiosity –or *D*I*E*?!?

GENESIS: The extraordinarily intricate DNA molecules are the principal components that control the hereditary characteristics of an organism and, especially, the-will-to-survive as the ultimately predominant factor. In this overwhelming context to survive, this incessant proclivity is equivalent to a synonymously inborn and WONDROUS (but inscrutable to us) Religion and, thus: ~~inherently SACRED & MIRACULOUS!!!

Consequently, ALL organisms are innately religious and not atheistic or, else, they DIE!!! In other words, a Willful FAITH is critically essential for continued survival in Nature’s enigmatically competitive environment.

Moreover, we, Humans, seem to be lost in the diverse figments of our vastly loose imaginations: a delirium of irrational ruminations that unduly violate Nature’s Dictums!

YET and the utterly stark truth, we have, pathetically, been unable to grasp the BASIC essence of the ONSET of transforming lifeless molecules to a highly animate but miniscule structure such as a virus. A far much more complex case is the birth of the “helpless” few-weeks-old kangaroo joey-fetus: it must crawl up and into the pouch and then find and mouth the nipple without much, if any, help from mom.

The ONSET of this MIRACULOUS transformation seems to be completely incomprehensible to us for the foreseeable future. We ought to be extremely humble and not ignore Mom NATURE much longer; –very very simply because we, urgently, want to survive the looming Doomsday scenario.

God’s gift endowment, The- Will-to-Survive, is ENCODED automatically in the DNA for each organism (ala Primal-Fervor Religiosity) and, therein, the nature of the Religion is spelled out for each entity/species by its own DNA;

For example, we, most Humans, hope/pray and much prefer the ethereal Heaven over Hell: as the basic essence of our religiosity!.. Unfortunately our DNAs vary randomly and, thus, our spiritual lives have been clashing illogically ever since the Stone Age and getting much worse. We MUST UNDO this Religious INSANITY with NATURE’s sensible DNA-DEISM and concentrate on surviving much more efficiently.

The real Big Question is, then, whether Mother Earth is going to be dominated by strange bugs and, possibly, by unfriendly Odd-DNA Humans?!? and whether we can act soon enough to avoid undue scarring of our Earthy Environment and, in view of, explosive population growth and randomly insensible SPIRITUAL disorganization. Where art thou, DNA-DEISM?!?

Recently, in the embattled state of our existence, the San Diego Union Tribune had an extensive write-up on atheist Robert Zeps’ negativity on Religion. I responded, very critically, with a Letter-to-Editor (see below) that’s been ignored so far. Additionally, reference was made to Charles Harper Jr. (SrVP/Templeton…org) about his opinion on the ( meet in the Salk Institute: “The core of the meeting for the most part was intellectually unimpressive and excessively propagandistic.” Two weeks later (2-11-97), Roger Bingham (the Science Network) reacted defensively with the Nov 06 meet at the Salk Institute.

So far, reaction to my attempts to expose DNA-DEISM, as the sensibly basic Religion for ALL of us has been mute —- perhaps, much too much of a drastic and alien (?!?) concept to swallow in an upside-down world that favors undue gratification as its ideal way of life on an over-burdened Mother Earth!?!

In RELIGION IS WRONG by Robert Zeps in extensive write-up (1/27/07), I, Vasilios, responded as follows to Letters:

Mr. Zeps’ statement contradicts with 80% of Americans and probably 99.6% of them; he claims to be an Atheist (0.4%); (per your listed Factoid)! BUT, then, he qualifies his Atheism with that religions “help us get through our lives” –B-I-N-G-O, he hits the nail on the head and completely fails to realize its enormous immensity that it might mean: It’s a GOD given gift that’s incorporated in ALL organisms: including bugs, mice, —equally as well as humans!!!

All-in-all, Mr. Zeps doesn’t realize (and the likes of beyond, as well as most of us) that we have been BARKING up the wrong TREES ever since Stone-Age times and, thus, mired into a socially chaotic state of messy existence; that is, we’ve made enormous SCIENTIFIC progress in the interim but not in our social Religions which are, inexcusably, ANTAGONISTIC.

Whither Ye, HOMO SAPIENS?!?

You’re a virtual newcomer among a lot of DNA-type species and in innumerably many more species that have come and gone! THUS, you’re just another event in-the- Nature-of-things Lexicon to initiate a priori existence (like ALL organisms).

HEY, Man! BUCKLE down to Earthy REALITY!!! Your GOOSE is being over COOKED!!!

Unlike dinosaurs, that survived for 150 million years, your stay seems to be extremely brief if you don’t BUCKLE up NOW! Don’t just daydream while raping our one-and-only Earthy ABODE!!!

URGENT & Timely: THE UGLY TRUTH!!! We’re chaotically misguided with mythic notions about life! Straighten Up! And face the confounding Facts of Life in Nature’s Cosmos. “Ignorance-is-Bliss” is a sinful abomination to be eradicated!

The QUIRK: Ever Onward Rapaciously toward HELL!?! BUT won’t even Crawl toward a DEISTIC Earthy Utopia?!?

Hey! Take off your blinders! Austere DIOGENES lived in a tub to ascertain the honesty of men! So! Put a halter to your daydreaming and search for realistic pathways!

STATUS Quo: Immense Progress, Technically; BUT Stuck-in-the-Mud, Socially; while Digging Our Grave, Unwittingly!?!

This undue mess seems to be a BOTCHED up job by the CREATOR?!? Or did the DEVIL trip Him up in the process of CREATION!?!~~HUH?!?

OH-H! You mean those in the ‘heavens’ and ‘hells’ which are concocted between each ONE’s two EARS?!?

The VITAL Human Dilemma: Be Ye Mice or MEN?!?

REALLY, it’s all up to YOU “civilized” and “intelligent” Humans!!! Don’t just sit there! Get off your butt and fall in line without contradicting Nature’s uniquely eternal CREEDS!!! For untold ages, fictionally unreal and absurd IDOLATRIES have DOGGED, beDEVILed and ENTRAPPED Humanity, in the manner of ZOMBIES, into blinding RUTs! Primarily, this is because extremists, such as atheists and clergy, suffer from lame and muddling thinking for their apocalyptic failure to buckle down to REALITY and, thus, into DEISM — the one and ONLY sensibly BASIC religion for a sensible HOMO SAPIENS!!!

Hence, Let’s Resolve in 2007 to Re-Mold USA with the FACTUALLY updated version, DNA-DEISM, as it evolved, historically, through Jefferson, Franklin, — Plato.. Also, to improve our imminently-endangered Earthly environment while minimizing endlessly schismatic ‘Gods’ and apocalyptic horrors, such as, transfigured Mullahs, idolatrous Tyrants, zany Sophists, etc.

We need to be completely in tune with the ultimate realities of our Cosmos (and Wondrously Sacred & Miraculous DNA therein) if Homo Sapiens is to survive “intelligently” (and with Earthy humility) for much more than a few generations. Essentially, our inherently DNA-guided Free-Will “god” (that’s in the cranium, between each-one’s two ears) needs to be regimented religiously, in part, by our endowed social bondings but, ultimately, by the endless constraints of Eternal Nature.

Thus, it’s all up to us: Do we, “civilized” humans, continue thrashing about aimlessly for eons or, else, choose the RIGHTEOUS road to Sphinx-like (and unresponsive to any one of us, unless “lucky”,) Mother Nature?!?

Fellow Homo Sapiens: thread much much more Natural REALISM with your unduly scrambled and stifled psyche that’s been thwarted by misguided HELLISH menus ever since Stone-Age times!

Essentially, with DNA-DEISM, we will be much better equipped to deal with most of Nature’s perpetually enigmatic vagaries; Prayerfully, with much more amicable congenialities than with ever always abrasive hostile interactions between us!

Hence, LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! BUT not without some considerable allegorical disentanglements to brighten our way through life’s many puzzling and blinding byways! Even so:

Be Ye ever always with Mom NATURE!!! —Wm Vastoul; (San Diego, CA)




Chapter 3. Summary Study to 2007

~~ATHEISM: ~Absurdly InHuman~~ Awaken to DNA’s Religion~~~

~~Let’s UNITE to Survive Doomsday Crises via DNA’s ENCODED Religion!!! ~

First & very very simply, let’s KO witless ATHEISTS into UTTER oblivion with the WONDROUS Encoding in Sacred DNA; wherein, DNA’s Mom is none other than our nonpareil,

~~Majestically Regal ETERNAL NATURE~~

It is ETERNAL very simply because Matter cannot be CREATED out of NOTHING!! ~A cornerstone 100% SCIENTIFIC Fact and NOT the never-ever” pseudo-science-prattling NOTIONS about CREATOR gods” that flit and churn, generally, within moody pipe-dream noggins.

More specifically, the overwhelming URGE to survive is natural to us at conception and, thus, a FACTual event which is INNATELY equivalent to religiosity!

In other words, this inborn will to survive drives us to wish everlasting life. This is not unlike, that, of ethereal Gods-in-Heaven! --an outrageous concept for waspish creatures like us on the miniscule Mother Earth planet that's located randomly somewhere within NATURE's immensely vast Cosmos.

Our inexplicable failure to note this utterly simple secret to religiosity seems to be the obverse adage of finding a needle in a haystack. We are completely inundated with it, every-which-way-all-over. And yet, its simplicity is overwhelmingly inexplicable to us, except through literal acceptance of FAITH in our ETERNAL “Mom” NATURE.

Our best hope is to UNITE us spiritually and environmentally to evade the looming DOOMSDAY crises. BUT our primordial yearning to live rapaciously has DOOMED us to premature extinction (and, thus, unlike the 150 million survival years for dinosaurs); Unless of course, we REGIMENT most all of us with UNIFYING Religiosity; ~BUT, alternatively, daydreaming and fantasism should be relegated, mainly, to musings for relaxing entertainment and, especially, as a researching tool and, also, as probing means for theoreticians; (after all, the old adage states that: ideas are, merely, dime-a-dozen, at most, normally!).

But then this INNATE religiosity ought to apply just as well to ALL organisms –provided it’s noted that their native functions and brain power may differ enormously from ours. Hence, there’s no need for ethereal concoctions for religiosity –just plain common-sense science in grasping the-basic-facts-of-LIFE from the, otherwise, mysteriously inscrutable (stoic Mom NATURE’s) DNA.

The basic essence of INNATE religiosity, through DNA Encoding, was incorporated, initially, in my very first Post (after joining the on 23 April 07).

I managed (with editorial foils & arcane rudeness) to post 6 more statements before I was finally locked out –the last one was the last straw for them?!? Most of my postings are still (?!?) accessible, therein, to any one when SEARCHING under my USERNAME: EarthyUtopia.

Fortunately, I was briefly able, shortly thereafter, to email with Moderator Kevin Ronayne. On 23 May 07, he included this heading-quote: ***************************** <<”If you are in possession of this revolutionary secret of science, why not prove it and be hailed as the new Newton? Of course, we know the answer. You can’t do it. You are a fake.” ~Richard Dawkins >> ************************ Actually, I failed to note, at that time, that cryptic quote by Dr. Dawkins. BUT on the next exchange, I noted this astounding heading-quote: ******************* <<”Certainly I see the scientific view of the world as incompatible with religion, but…” ~Richard Dawkins >> ******************* My staunch response to Dr. Dawkins (via email to Kevin) was as follows: Now, I would take that, simply, as a SNAP Bravado Retort inasmuch as he hasn’t had much occasion to digest any of my six posts beginning with Post #1. Actually, the answer should be extremely OBVIOUS: –we’re just befuddled and befogged brain-wise with ternuously superficial diversity. To that extent, I agree that Creator Gods and such are senseless creations of our befuddled brains. (Kevin, thereafter, did not respond again!)

As for me, it is DNA’s Mom: the stoic ETERNAL NATURE — Factually, there aren’t any other sensible prospects!!!

ALL organisms are INNATELY religious –the monumental wonder that’s Mom Nature.

And what do ATHEISTS believe??? NOTHING!!!

Hence, you can’t be a vibrant organism on mere ROTE– that is, SCIENTIFICALLY, you can’t make something out of NOTHING; it’s horrendously, NIHILISTIC.

Consequently, let’s stop this endless bickering and fully realise it’s MOM’s show –if we are to survive SOON from our mindless InHumanity!. _______________ LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! Ever Always in DNA’s Mom Church!!!~~ ATHEISTS: NEVER &/or Brain-Dead!!! ~~EarthyUtopia; Age: 90~~



Chapter 4. Summary Study to 2008

~~Lo & Behold: ~Our FATE On Earth! ~~~

~~~Now’s Time for ASTUTE Sagacity~~~

~~Re-Focus Our FAITH On DNA’s Mom~~

~~And AWAKEN to Wondrous DNA vs. Spin Sophists! ~~

The Supreme-Powers-that-be have endowed (our self-dubbed) Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens with an enormous brain capacity when compared mentally, for example, to the tyrannical dinosaurs that dominated our Earth for more than 150 million years.

Fortunately for us, however, mammals emerged and flourished successfully only after the demise of the massive dinosaurs some 60 million years ago due to a brief period of deadly Earth-shrouding volcanism (and simultaneous large asteroid impact!?!)

Unfortunately, nevertheless, many incriminating events foredoom us to survive within a much-much shorter survival span. In fact, our demise (ala Armageddon?) seems to be closely imminent due to our incapacity, so far, to control explosive overpopulation and our complete failure to provide sagacious and enlightening guidance about the basic limiting facts of life on our planet Earth (wherein, biological species have already been in existence for more than a billion years)..

Actually and fundamentally, we are using our huge brain power to rape and destroy TOXICALLY our Earthy environment at an unsustainable rate and without any notion, as yet, on how to stem this witless process. Thus, it would appear that H.Sapiens is a misnomer and we should be reclassified, instead, as Yakkity-Yak-Yak Sophist Primates for failing to appreciate (to any fundamendal degree) the realistically obvious but engulfing nature (i.e., awash) with DNA’s marvellously varied and flexible organisms all over Mother Earth.

And, wherein again, a slowly-evolving planet Earth is projected to survive beneficially for 5 billion years more when, at that time, it will be incinerated by our Sun’s explosive dispersal of its mantle into far-flung space that includes Mother Earth’s orbit.

More specifically, H.Sapiens evolved about 200,000 years ago (a mere bleep in Earth’s biologic span) and flourished slowly and randomly for the first 95% of that time with deep religious fervor for Natural phenomena; –that is, the switch to agrarian communes 10,000 years ago allowed the befuddled clergy and ruling tyrants to enslave us with antagonistically ethereal dogmas that persist to this very day and in spite of enormous progress with scientific ken in recent times.

Instead, we’re being asked to TOLERATE each others decrepit old spins (and associated sins thereof) which are wheedling us grievously away from confounding social and environmental problems. Yet, there is no mention (at ANY time) of DNA being the utterly indisputable CRUX for any one or ALL organisms; –a totally incriminating omission that underlies our misguided struggles to survive in perpetuity.

Nowadays, innumerable Sophists continue to dominate various societies with an endless mess of SPINS –mostly for selfishly gluttonous greed. Some of these recent and woefully yakkity- yak-yak sophistic examples may be listed as follows:

The Editor-in-Chief of USNews, M. Zuckerman, keeps belaboring the present and historical Mid-East homicidal crises with Muslims endlessly and without much socially beneficial success at most any time.

In a series on PBS, Bill Moyers interviewed in one case Harvard’s biologist, E O. Wilson, on rehabilitating our Earthly environment. Both of them were, originally, S. Baptists but Dr. Wilson switched later to become an irreligious secular Humanist. Yet, Moyers, as an ordained minister in his church, failed to challenge him, in any way, on that totally momentous choice. Thus, we are still careening instead of leaping forward cooperatively through the looming morass of incongruous humanity.

At about the same time, it was MSNBC’s Tim Russert who paired a religious Newsweek Editor against a spineless Atheist. Somewhat earlier, it was FOX’s Bill O’Reilly who had a pathetically uneasy draw with Atheist Richard Dawkins.

And Atheists are no exception to this damningly unsettling dilemma: just another aspect of selfishly greedy -isms that, senselessly, deny the existence of religious spiritualism as encoded in the Wondrous DNA (whose Mom is Eternal NATURE and, wherein, the Cosmos is impervious to endless SPINS of ethereal dogmas, string theories, dark energies etc.)

For example, I (as EarthyUtopia) visited and, eventually, encountered Dr. Dawkins recently (at and he made two TRULY astounding statements directly to me:

~”If you are in possession of this revolutionary secret of science, why not prove it and be hailed as the new Newton? Of course, we know the answer. You can’t do it. You are a fake..” ~ and ~”Certainly, I see the scientific view of the world incompatible with religion,”~

But he slinked away silently when I advised him that religiosity is simply equivalent to the overwhelming URGE to survive that’s instilled and encoded in Eternal NATURE’s Wondrous DNA.. Thereafter, I was barred from commenting any more in his Forum.

Simply said: our ingrained/innate religious FAITH should be singular and monolithic in order to be consistent with Mom NATURE’s SPIN-less creeds for sensibly optimum survivability on our tiny and pitiably fragile Mother Earth (who’s located inauspiciously somewhere in NATUREs overwhelmingly vast Cosmos).

On the other hand, our FAITH must not be too rigid but adequately flexible to accommodate mostly the beneficial CORE of the diverse continuum in human DNA. Essentially, such a filtration process ought to be achieved by eliminating or belittling any undue detrimental DNA strands therein; That is, a sagacious human species (within the desired DNA core) is the very essence of the non-robotic life that we prize and provided it doesn’t drift into a chaotic mess.

These earlier studies are also available (with subtitles) ~#3 ATHEISM: ~Absurdly InHuman! ~#2 BEYOND BELIEF: ~Our Scrambled Religions!!! ~#1 Modern DNA-DEISM & Occult DNA!.

These summary subtitle-studies may be accessible at: or EarthyUtopia or"

~~Ever Always in DNA’s Mom Church!!! ~~EarthyUtopia; Age 91; San Diego~~



Chapter 5. Our Earth Mess Stomps on Wondrous DNA

**Whereto, Brainy?!? H.SapiensSapiens?!?* **Our Earthy Mess STOMPS on Wondrous DNA** ***Thus, Our toxin-strewn Ravages stem from Our Dire Apathy to Mom Nature's DNA Edict**

**Wondrous DNA Is Our ONLY Key to Life** ***We Must BOND with Our DNA-Mom! **

**Our Earthy Mess IGNORES Our Godly Creator**

In our inborn DNA-urge to survive, we have created a semi-chaotic state that's based on fuzzy Facts which cause Us to blunder every which way!

We do not, as yet, really sense that NATURE's Cosmos is utterly enormous and, also, Eternal; (i.e., much much more than theBig-Bang's 14 billion years) --and that DNA-life will persist in various forms on suitable environments; --and that brainy Intellect, therein, should be extremely rare inasmuch as the evolutionary process is tediously slow and abetted with deadly anti-DNA Faiths!!

***DNA Acts as Our 100% Godly Creator! *** ***As DNA's the Only KEY to ANY Organism!!**

A FACT that We IGNORE via mindless Greed and countless airy Sophisms and Dogmas; But NATURE's DNA edict is stringent and totally impersonal with any organisms.

In sharp contrast to frenzied Sophisms etc, DEISM evolved from In-the-NATURE-of-things attitude. The escense of DEISM originated 24 centuries ago in Plato's Utopia but ran out of steam after USA's Jefferson at about 200 years ago. With the recent advent of wondrous DNA, it should be revived as DNA-DEISM to Synchronize our ant [-social Earthy mess toward "Mom" Nature's DNA unifying-Religion!

As of now, brainy H.SapiensSapiens ought to try mending Our Earthy Mess via the DNA Riddle! **

From now on, Our Earthy Fate MUST be yoked closely but selectively with Godly DNA's environmental whims.

Also, our huge overpopulation is exhausting our Earthy environment and, especially, as it dehumanizes our precious DNA with abnormal toxins in fetuses etc.

Our Sad Fate On Mother Earth?

**Mom NATURE's DNA-Deism or Our Messy Faiths? **

**DNA-Mom-Ism Ought to Be OUR Guiding Faith! ** *In Mom NATURE's DNA Religion! -Amen! *

**Our Earthy Mess vs. Nature's DNA Edict!*? ***The Factual Truths On Our DNA-Mom! **

***Wondrous DNA Is Our CREATOR Mom! Thus, We must Unify-to-Survive via Our Earthy DNA-Mom! ** **DNA: -Our Wondrous Wonder of Wonders! -As it is the key to organic life. However, the activities of humans are endangering our earthy environment by introducing matter that can splinter our basic DNA format into incongruous and dehumanizing forms.

We understand that our DNA needs a fairly stable environment to avoid creating odd humans and generic organisms that are not beneficial. We must not allow undue changes on our basic DNA pool. However, we might improve it with future pragmatic human-DNA research! **? Nature's DNA is the only Key to the CREATION of any organism in Nature's Cosmos... Our failure to adhere to this monumental fact is especially crucial for us to survive in the near future. The root-cause of our Earthy mess is our senseless neglect of Nature's DNA edict. We cannot evade the mess by migrating elsewhere in the Cosmos as it is impractical. Thus, Mother Earth is our only abode as a very tiny speck somewhere within the enormously vast Cosmos!

Unfortunately, DNA life is not simply all sugar and plums. The DNA organic imprint is singularly pre-ordained and, thus, not amenable to any prayerful pleas to redirect the natural flow of events.

Much more specifically, the Earthy process of DNA evolution is strewn with innumerable extinctions and random re-creations; These modifications were limited to an Earthy locale. Recent technological activities have caused a rapidly changing environment and, thus, amending and/or re-creating our precious DNA pool. Normally, DNA factors may involve higher temperatures, radioactivity, undue overcrowding, DNA-gunk-toxins, varied topographic factors...

Thus, the distribution of species is not uniform but may vary radically within these ecological factors and, also, from socially-mentally-DNA-gene entanglements in brain which are generated from growing-up experiences and educational upbringings! The onset of organic life was initiated on our cooling Earth about one billion years ago with elemental species in the manner of the semi-organic virus. Much later, the dinosaurs managed to survive for 160 million years while some other species are still surviving.

Yet, modern Humans arrived on the Earthy scene only recently (a mere 200,000 years ago) and we're already on the verge of an ineptly misguided DNA-mess extinction!

This awful predicament is due to our abject failure to fathom intelligently the 1953 formulation of DNA as the key CREATOR of organisms.. Additionally, we have bypassed the persistent natural observations of Deists ever since Plato who never ever had an inkling of Nature's wondrous DNA-Creator edict.

Inherently, the wondrous DNA process has provided an evolving-emotion-will-to-survive brain function in ALL organisms as a clear-cut distinction from mechanical unemotional robots.

In this way, early extinction can be avoided as long as our DNA brain is used intelligently to stay closely focused on the stringent DNA environmental options.

Unfortunately for Earthy Humans, we have not as yet mastered the basic DNA format (that was postulated first in 1953} even though our capacity to communicate has grown enormously recently. We remain chaotically ignorant about Nature's Cosmos and, most especially, the crucial facts of life on our fragile Mother Earth. This abject neglect of reality is mostly due to greedy Egoistic tyrants (and dreamy spin sophists) that cause us to blunder every which way --but not (except for earlier Deists) in Nature's singular DNA Religion!

Hence, if we are to survive our Earthy DNA mess any time soon, then we must reorganize now to focus sharply on the established facts of Earthy DNA life; that is, daydreaming is essential to emotional humans as long as such diversions are closely consistent with factual DNA reality.

Thus, the educational process should begin early during the formative years for the aging young that daydreaming must be focused at the very strict impositions of DNA reality for a sense-full life on Mother Earth.

In retrospect, the options offered by Mom NATURE are grimly ascetic but not if your urge-to-survive is paramount within a DNA-unified Earthy society! We can start by controlling our huge overpopulation problem and bring it into more sustainable levels that can be maintained by our earthy resources.

As a result of not accepting DNA's Religiosity, we are now facing a bleak future at best and, most likely, a protracted extinction of raging savagery.



Chapter 6 - Humans! Awaken to NATURE’s Stringent Truisms!

Truly Real: ~The Wondrous DNA Specifies True Religion.

.The Wondrous DNA Ordains Real PIETY .ALL Other Beliefs Are Skewed Sophisms

Thus, Scientists & Elitists E*R*R Vastly by Ignoring “Mom” NATURE’s DNA Edict!

”Mom” Implies a dozing “Creator” amidst Nature’s Unique Edicts (such as DNA, black holes etc. that permeate the vast Cosmos)

An Earthy Utopia with DNA-DEISM To Rectify Our Ruinous Ways of Life

DEISM: The Musings of Jefferson, Esteemed Sages and Utopian Plato

In our customary way of life, we automatically evoke Mother NATURE in prayerful wonder! But unfortunately, we then proceed to IDOLIZE Jesus, Allah, Jehovah etc. who invariably have been and still continue to generate jarring enmities amongst all of us. This muddling behavior could not be resolved rationally in previous times without much FACTUAL evidence; that is, the basic core of this unsettling predicament was due to the vague and meager scientific evidence in earlier times.

Much more recently, scientific studies are demonstrating that there is 0% probable evidence for a “Creator” BUT a practically 100% certitude that NATURE is ETERNAL. Thus, there is no proof, whatsoever, of any Creator God who might respond personally to our most earnest prayers! In this solemn context, we may now consider the trifling liberty and anoint the Wondrous DNA as the deaf-mute Creator God for organic life in the Cosmos!

In essence, Nature’s Cosmos consists of truly Singular Edicts such as DNA, black holes etc. in inordinately vast space wherein, (adequately and horse-sense-wise) a sea of random Big-Bangs (and our own Big-Bang as well) may occur on occasion into eternal perpetuity. Hence, other civilized species are quite likely to coexist sporadically in NATURE’s Cosmos but such species are physically inaccessible to us, due to the enormous distances and vast emptiness of space!

For example, Alpha Centauri is the nearest star to our Sun. It is 4 light years away from us when compared to only a mere 7 minutes for the Sun, wherein also, our only moon is a miniscule 1.3 seconds away. Yet, puny Humans can only barely muster enough energy to land on to our moon in a few days at best!!

Additionally, light or radar waves can make a round-trip to Mars in 6 minutes at the nearest orbital distance, whereas, a similar expedition by us would take several years at least. In fact, travel beyond Mars and into the far reaches within our Solar system are still impossible without tricky gravitational boosts from closer-in planets. Thus, our capacity to explore beyond the Solar system is extremely unlikely and, especially, at much higher speeds which require unimaginable amounts of energy and planning for a round trip back to Mother Earth. Hence, we must not mess up now with our uniquely precious planet unless hideous martyrdom represents your earnest hope.

Alternatively, listening searches in the microwave radio spectrum have failed to detect, so far, any civilized signals from our local community of stars that exists within our typically normal-sized Milky-Way Galaxy of a billion or so stars. These shockingly negative observations with microwaves et al indicate that intelligent life is not very common at all in the Cosmos due to NATURE’s extremely stringent Edicts that tend to befuddle us and any aspiring species thereon. [{Dire WARNING:. ~Civilizations would tend to be short-lived in the Cosmos inasmuch as the-open-window-for-creation is a tedious process that relies critically on various gene configurations in the DNA --provided the environment cooperates with some degree of stability which varies with time and randomly upsetting events as well !?!)]

Hence, if we are to forcefully prolong and head off, successfully, the imminently looming Doomsday on Earth, then we must abandon and/or amend NOW our greedily egotistical ways of life on Mother Earth and adhere much more closely to NATURE’s Singularly formidable guidelines.

Moreover, absolute adherence to Nature’s laws might not be critically essential, in some respects, for surviving much more conveniently. Consider, for example, the endearing familiarities with both Mother NATURE and “Creator” God. Both are deeply instilled in our instinctive psyches. Consequently, these two unforgettable phraseologies may be adequately retained if we hypothesize that “Mom” exists only in the manner of Whistler’s forever dozing Mother.. Such an obtuse analogy reinforces our minds that we must be completely self-reliant while striving to survive the innumerable challenges from NATURE’s totally impersonal and enormously complex Cosmos.

It should be noted again that our teeny-weeny Mother Earth is located somewhere inconspicuously in NATURE’s vast Cosmos. It is the ONLY planet that’s suitable for us in our Solar system (and much beyond as well in the manner of a solitary boat in an open sea that’s dotted only with strangely endowed islands that don’t provide readily or conveniently the environment that’s naturally normal on our Mother Earth)..

But our vaulting overpopulation is threatening to toxify and poison, overwhelmingly, our pristine environment.. We need to unite and act very very soon to avoid a tragically premature end to Homo Sapiens Sapiens species; that is, excessive toxicity would degrade our DNA pool and beget radically altered species that would not be conducive to any fruitful collaboration.

If Humanity is to be extricated any time soon from our hellishly wanton and rutty machinations, then it is imperative that ALL of us focus sharply on the DNA’s innate religiosity (which is singularly intrinsic to Eternal Nature and embodied, also, in the EarthyUtopia DNA-DEISM Project).

Instead, we rely endlessly on varied and specious religions of God that fail to provide ANY substantive release of undue symptoms, except on rare Meditative occasions by the mostly delusional fantasies of the “free-will-god” that resides ONLY between everyone’s two ears.

Additionally and in the same context, it is again imperative that both Mother Earth’s environment and the Human DNA pool be entwined synergistically inasmuch as innumerable species have come and gone during the past billion years. Unfortunately, however, only a few species have managed to survive for long in much of this time with nearly intact DNA; that is, our DNA pool is not normally stable with temperature but naturally broadens slowly with time and in proportion to the environmental temperature above absolute zero!

But Mom Nature gave us exceptional brain power that ought to permit us to pick and choose wisely. So far, we have failed miserably in paying any attention to Nature’s Singular Edicts and especially that of the Wondrous DNA. Our future hangs critically in the balance now as a result of the recent and continuing explosive growth in population which overtaxes and toxifies our crucial environment. Shall we then stay on course with this looming Doomsday fiasco or seek the Singular solace that’s encrypted enigmatically in NATURE’s wondrous DNA?!?

Consider again that HSapiens arrived only very recently, a mere 200,000 years ago in the Kalahari Desert in SW Africa. But, fortunately (for the characteristic purity of our DNA), nearly all Humans were decimated (except for about 2000 humans on the more tepid shores of southern Asia) during a severely prolonged Ice Age at about 60,000 years ago; that is, this worldwide Ice Age calamity probably filtered out the least competent members in our DNA pool. Hopefully, we haven’t diluted our DNA pool much too much ever since then. (It should be noted that Ice Ages occur periodically and associated generally with the 26,000-year wobbles of the Earth’s polar axis on the Solar ecliptic and the resulting precession of the equinoxes. Accordingly, we should be starting to cool now but our recent greenhouse polluting gases are likely to upset tragically our normally stable and very precious environment.)

Also our next of kin, the Neanderthals, originated 800,000 years ago but disappeared about 25,000 years ago. This demise was due, in part, to fierce competition from HSapiens for life-sustaining game during the last Ice Age. This wipe out phenomenon indicates once again that NATURE is totally indifferent to ANY gratis and wishful aspirations, whatsoever, by prayerful organisms.

In other words, NATURE’s Cosmos is ever always in a seemingly chaotic state and, yet, NATURE remains eternally fixated in a kind of wildly polymorphic state. Hence, we must learn to live with NATURE’s whims inasmuch as our singularly-earnest DNA-goal is to survive eternally!

These observations are crucial in the sense that the spread in our DNA keeps creeping up with time due to a number of unusual factors such as random radioactivity in the soil, temperature in the environment, alien chemical toxins etc. Consequently, the ensuing odd deformities in our DNA are likely to lead us to a much more motley behavior with time.

Additionally, the innate intellect of homo sapiens has proven to be basically very fruitful recently in the scientific and technological fields but, alas, it has led us, also, to heedless raping by overpopulating Mother Earth. Thus, we must learn to acknowledge and to resolve these knotty problems cooperatively.

In other words, our religious and social endeavors seem to be utterly misguided. We ignore listlessly the unrelenting inter-connectivity that’s ingrained within Eternal Nature’s Cosmos. Hence, our apathetic neglect of the DNA’s key role therein constitutes the root cause of disunity among humans, spiritually and environmentally.

Also, the ever growing chasm (between our scrambled religions and factual sciences with resulting overpopulation) is replacing our natural food supplies with unnatural concoctions and processes that pollute our habitat and, thus, causing further degradation of our basic DNA pool Consequently, this widening sprawl in our DNA would lead to more rapid disunity amongst us.

As a result, our future on our ONLY suitable planet Earth looks unappealing at best without a much sharper focus, shortly, on preserving our natural DNA’s spiritual maturity which is, inherently, irreconcilable with our senseless versions of wildly idolized “Gods”

Essentially, the pathetic tragedy is that our brainy scientists theorize and project that our planet Earth will survive (like other planets in the Solar system) for more than 5 billion years BUT, as yet, our vastly typical Yakkity-Yak-Yak- “Enlightened” Humans do not realize that H.Sapiens’ demise is closely imminent due to senseless raping of Mother Earth and consequent mangling of our sapient DNA therein.

Consequently, we need to preserve much of our as-is PRISTINE state if we are to minimize abnormal changes in our precious as-is Human DNA. Unfortunately, the existing prognosis is very disturbing. We need to acknowledge the problem and act consensually now and amend the situation shortly but not anywhere near the 5-billion-year lifespan that is projected for our Eden-like Earth, inasmuch as, it is now heading negligently by us into a benighted state.

In retrospect, the EarthyUtopia Project was initiated more than 4` years ago by accepting Plato’s original vision of UTOPIA, its evolution through the ages (in the manner of varied scholastic DEISMs) and eventual acceptance by Deist Jefferson in his tripartite USA republican Constitution.. Thereafter, this enlightening concept got stymied by religion-rattled socialists and, hence, it failed to evolve synergistically in conjunction with the explosive scientific and technological revelations in more recent times.

Apparently, the key factor for this disengagement seems to be the lack of clear specificity in the word “God” for which Jefferson and his Deistic predecessors were unable to mount an unambiguous definition. Science, however, has now established that “God” is totally impersonal and only consistent with the forces and energies (as displayed by science) in ETERNAL NATURE’s Cosmos..

In view of the overwhelming immensity of the Cosmos and our incessant desire to survive therein, then this definitive study is more than adequate for all foreseeable human needs on a relatively small planet that’s located in some inconspicuous place and time wherein we are faced now with a sinister Doomsday scenario.

Unfortunately, however, scientists and especially theoreticians and elitists have shirked their responsibilities to humanity… Apparently, their egotistical avidity for bounty and prominence have diverted them from rocking the boat and political powers therein. Consequently, there are never any discussions whatsoever in the public domain, for example, of the overwhelming dominance of Mom Nature and her wondrous DNA that dictate our ever always confounding but inborn religiosity.

Unfortunately again, our innate religiosity is controlled uniquely by each-one’s free-will brain and, thus, we have created an endless babble of divisive religious dogmas. This chaotic state can be reduced greatly if we are scholastically educated that there is only one practical and sensible religion: ala Mom Nature and her wondrous DNA.

Inasmuch as Jefferson’s Deistic constitutional dream republic remains mostly unfulfilled, then it ought to serve well as a matrix and skeletal framework for a viable Earthy Utopia. The USA ought to be the ideal place to apply it initially; that is, we need to create a reasonably based DNA society that’s not robotic but incorporates both liberal and conservative sensibly-minded concepts that would improvise and replace factually our vast medley of illogical misconceptions.

Eventually, the actual mix of human DNA ought to be fine-tuned (and judicially approved) as more realistic evidence is amassed with time. However, we must start with what is factually appropriate now. Hence, various writers, novelists, newsmen as well as scientists ought to tackle the task of delineating and popularizing the EarthyUtopia DEISMIC Concept and related aspects as soon as possible: first in Jefferson’s USA and in the rest of the world soon thereafter. ^^^^^^^^^^

Four more formative (subtitled) studies are available on the website at:

~4 Lo & Behold: ~Our FATE on Earth! ~ ~3 ATHEISM: ~Absurdly InHuman! ~ ~2 BEYOND BELIEF: ~Our Scrambled Religions!!~ ~1 Modern DEISM & Occult DNA! ~

~~Ever Always in DNA’s Mom Church!!! ~~EarthyUtopia; Age 91; San Diego~



Chapter 7. Mom NATURE's Sea of BigBangs!

Mom Nature's Sea of Big Bangs!  But Ignore Mom's tiny Earthy DNA Facts?


The following DNA Facts were generally established scientifically several years ago with the super-title of:

----NATURE's DNA Religion! --Amen! ---- Hence, our Earthy DNA Facts ought to be consistent with both our modest BigBang as well as the recent con-joined BigBangs Cosmos version for FACTual clarity!

However as frail creatures with too many misconceptions, we must focus very sharply on our Solar System environment for the nearby foreseeable future (whereas, alpha Centauri is the nearest star at 4 light years).

Thus, we must not ignore NATURE's DNA Facts if we wish to survive willfully on our Solar Earth at only 8 light minutes apart!

About a dozen years ago, our vague Agnosticism ended and Mom NATURE became Eternal Queen of a sea of BigBangs. (The minutest amount of DNA was included for some cooling temperature planets in the eternal Cosmos)!

But here on Earth, scrambled ways of life continued without noting these crucial DNA Facts.

During the last century, enormous progress was made by our Scientists and Technologists. For example: Einstein formulated Relativity; radio waves and computers filled our skies; the first detection of the electron (and other particles) led to huge nuclear bombs and power plants; the discovery of our modest BigBang was a puzzlingly confusing fact that sent astro-theorists churning for an eternally stable Universal formulation, etc.

In the meantime, the vast majority of us enjoyed the technological innovations with an amazing growth in population to nearly 7 billion people on Earth. However, the scientific facts of these innovations varied widely from each other and, thus, we failed to absorb them into our struggle to improve our status socially on our Earth.

Essentially, we had to give up wild-game hunting 10,000 years ago to accept communal life in cities and towns with selfishly tyrannical governments; that is the latter enslaved us with strange notions of Heaven and Hell that still strangle us to this very day on Earth.

On the other hand, NATURE's DNA Religion was ignored and not discussed openly (or, else, it lacked DNA Factual education) with world news organizations etc.!

Furthermore, some of the most destructive World Wars were fought during the last century. They blocked us from analyzing and absorbing the ultimate DNA facts that ought to guide the repair of our erratic ways of life on Earth.

Numerous dogmatic religions and odd social notions ought to be sharply upgraded in the manner of NATURE's DNA Religion on suitably cooling DNA planets.

Appropriate DNA education for our kids and susceptible elders should be initiated immediately. Actually, the billion-year-old evolution of organisms incorporates both random and consistent configurations which diverge gradually with time. The resulting species share consistently some basic features wherein, for example, humans have the largest free-functioning brain between their two ears that have improved our lives technically but not socially etc.

Historically and much more specifically, the modern Humans that lived in the Lascaux Cave (20,000 years ago in Ice Age south-west France) created numerous paintings on the cave walls which are amazing by modern standards. They were free wild game rangers that practiced basic democratic functions in melodramatic NATURE's domains. Apparently, they were a successfully small transient group and, thus, much before exotic Sciences could be appreciated by Humans at that time!

Somewhat later at 16,000 years ago, the transitory Egyptians (and others in Asia as well) started to plan the three Great Pyramids with the actual spacial orientation of the 3 belt stars on the Hunter in the Orion Constellation of that date. The weather then was probably wet (even though it's desertish today in Northern Africa).

Why can't we organize our scrambling life with NATURE's tiny DNA Religion? We may have some problems with random asteroids and, considerably later, with an online collision with the Andromeda Galaxy.

However our Earth will be charred later when the Sun explodes and collapses in 4 billion years and becomes a dim star!



Chapter 8. CLIMATIC Imperfections on Earth during the 26,000-year Sojourn with each other!

--Earthy Utopia

Ideally, if the Earth and Moon were free from imperfections like various Earthquakes and astronomical nearby meteors and such, then the North Pole will experience summerish weather for 13,000 years while the South Pole freezes correspondingly.

In this way a cyclical summer -winter profile can be available for a long period of earthy time. Unfortunately, actual scientific measurements indicate random quakes meteoric activities etc.

In this respect, the Antarctic continent ought to be in a full summer format in 14 months while the North pole ought to be frozen

Events of the recent past indicate the North Pole is totally Wet and our upper atmosphere is overloaded with overloaded with people and utter selfishness. We need an amiable society NOW etc.